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This Woman Got The First Face Transplant

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Lucky are those people who survive domestic violence and this woman should really be thanking her stars, as she is the first woman to get a face transplant.

This woman was shot in her face and find out about her disturbing recovery story and how things changed in her life for her betterment, in this article.

Though domestic violence is one of the main causes why people die these days, there are those who do not even realise that they are being abused.

This woman fits in the second category, as she did not even realise that she was being abused.

Find out about this interesting story of the woman who was shot in her face and yet, she loved her culprit husband, which makes us realise that love is really blind...


How Did It Happen?

The couple was having a fight when the husband eventually flew into a jealous rage and shot her in the face! Yeah, the woman's husband did not even think twice before shooting her in the face from a point blank range.


The Bullet Almost Killed Her

The brutal attack left her partially blind and disabled. Her face was disfigured and she was scared to come out in public to avoid humiliation.


He Was Convicted For 7 Years

Her husband was convicted for 7 years for the brutal attack. This was very less when one would see the woman after the attack, as it was a horrific experience for her to say the least.


She Was Operated

Luckily, the doctors found a face-donor and they willingly went ahead with the surgery to correct her face, as it badly needed to be rectified.


She Still Loved Him

Once she got a face transplant done, which was first of its kind in the history of America, this woman was keen on still being by the side of her husband, as she felt she was not abused.


Turning Point Of Her Life

She found her daughter not being happy with her current beau and the woman tried convincing her to leave that man, as he was no good to her. Her daughter asked her what has she been doing all these years then??


It Took Time For Her

She could not digest the fact that her husband was abusing her, as they were in love since they had turned sweet 16; and by the age of 17, they had eloped and their firsts happened together, hence she took time to realise the final decision.


She Divorced Him Finally

Once he was back from the jail, the woman realised that all these years she had been facing domestic violence and this had to be stopped. She gave him a divorce after being with him for 25 long years!

And, 'Now she is learning to be strong on her own.' God Bless Her!

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 23:18 [IST]
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