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Things That Were Initially Invented For Men

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Every day there are new inventions that mankind has been inventing. Some are strange while a few are useful; and a few others may make you wonder what made the inventor even create these!

When something is invented, generally it is based on a subject, for example, it may be designed for either men or women in particular, or any product that it would be useful for.

But, what happens when things that are designed for a particular reason are not used for that specific purpose anymore? For instance, things that were initially meant for men but are not being used by men now and are more popular among women.

Well, in this article, we are about to share details on some of the things that were initially and SOLELY designed for men, but these things ended up serving the purposes of women.

So, find out more about the interesting things that were initially invented for men and are still being used, but by women.


Sanitary Pads

These were initially invented for soldiers during the war. It was invented to stop the bleeding from wounds. It was originally created by nurses in France. Isn't it amusing how somebody came up with the idea of using it?


High Heels

Women look so classy when they wear those high heels! But, did you know that it was initially created for men? Well, the warriors in Persian troops wore high heels to hook their feet into the stirrups while atop of a horse.


Pink Colour

One can not imagine a man using anything that is coloured in pink, as it is currently considered to be ultra feminine. But, back in the 18th century, pink colour was considered to be perfectly masculine and was seen as a diminutive of the colour red, which was considered to be the colour of war!



Earrings were found to be worn by men in Persepolis in Persia. Most of the ancient paintings and carvings on the walls portray men wearing earrings. So, now we know where the trend started from!!



Okay, this sounds bizarre though! But, thongs were invented for men. It was designed specifically to protect, support or hide the male genitalia. Hmm...interesting, isn't it??

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