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The Man Who Revealed His Face 20 Years After A Tiger Attack

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We all have heard of many survival stories of people around the world. But hearing a survival story of a tiger attack victim is rather rare, as there are very few people who have escaped from these deadly jaws of death.

The people who have survived a tiger attack have been forced to live a scarred life, as the scars of the tiger attack have caused a permanent impact on their lives.

Therefore, in this article, we are about to share a story of a man who revealed his face 20 years after a tiger attack.

This tiger attack victim escaped the jaws of death but was scarred for life, as half of his face has been dismembered in the attack.

Check out the actual disturbing images of the man who got the courage to show his face to the world.

Find out more about this shocking story of a tiger attack victim.


The Encounter

Hashmot Ali lives in southern Bangladesh. He was attacked by a tiger 20 years ago. Tigers have been roaming this area for quite a long time, but attacks are not very common.


A Common Sighting

Tigers have been spotted around villages in southern Bangladesh. One cannot blame the animals for these attacks, as it's in their instinct to be curious and aggressive.


The Attack

Hashmot was clawed by a tiger who tore a big chunk of skin and flesh off his face. All that he remembers is that he screamed his lungs out to be saved from the paws of the tiger.


People Scared The Tiger

He was lucky enough, as his colleagues were able to scare the tiger away by making loud sounds with their paddles. It is said that the noise scares away the tiger.

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He Could Not Save His Face

He could not save his face while he was being attacked by the tiger, and there was little that doctors could do to help him, as it was a life-threatening injury.

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He Hides Himself

Hashmont used a handkerchief to hide his face for years, as he was bullied by the villagers for his weird look. It made him get extremely depressed and he spent most of his years confined inside his house.


Finally, He Revealed Himself To The World...

Finally, he has learned to live with his new face and he wants to continue leading a normal life. He said that he is trying to be a good role model for his kids.

We can only wish you good luck, Mr. Hashmont!

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Story first published: Monday, August 22, 2016, 19:12 [IST]
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