Irritating Things That Passengers Do In Flight

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The holiday season is upon us, and for many flying back home is a torture with complete smelly, rude, frustrating and just-plain-horrible indignities that go with it.

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the most disgusting things that passengers do when on a flight!

Things That Passengers Do In Flight

These are the most irritating things that one can witness on a flight or have undergone.

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Some of the most common problems that passengers face are a flyer's bad hygiene, or someone kicking their seat or even sitting next to a drunken person!

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Apart from this, there are some more disgusting things that people do. So, check them out...


Being Adamant With Luggage!

Some of the passengers love being adamant about placing their overweight hand baggage in the overhead bin of their choice. They go to the extent of even having a word with other passengers!


Taking Selfies!

Taking selfies and pics inside the flight even when they are asked not to do so can surely be annoying and irritating for the rest. This is something that will surely enrage other passengers!


Not Switching Off Their Phones!

This is one of the first rules that all passengers need to follow. Passengers not switching off their phones during take-offs or landings despite warnings is a common sight in the flight.


Not Following Rules

We wonder why do the passengers get so hyper when on a flight? They remove seat belts and get up to remove the overhead baggage, even when the aircraft is still taxiing. We wonder WHY???

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