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Forbidden Things Around The World

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We live in a world where many essential things are banned, and a few other things that are required to be banned are allowed. Yes, after all, the world is filled with crazy people!

Here, in this article, we bring to you the list of forbidden things around the world. These are the things that have been banned by the government or the locals sighting any trouble with respect to certain essential things.

When you hear the word "Ban", the only thought you would get is of some Asian or Islamic country having rules for everything. However, as you read this article, you will be shocked to know about the list of items that are banned in certain other parts of the world.

These are the items may be some of them that we otherwise use in our country in our day-to-day lives. So, read on to know more about these forbidden things around the world.


Ketchup in France

The France Government has banned "KETCHUP" in schools as using excess ketchup spoils the taste of traditional French cuisine, which was therefore beginning to lose its originality. You are allowed to use it only when you eat french-fries. So breathe easy folks!


Baby Names in Denmark

You are not free to choose a name of your choice for your baby as the Government has set a rule that you can choose a name from the registered 24,000 names only. If you have a name outside the list, then you need to make a special request from the government.


Baby Walker’s Not Allowed

In Canada, a research has proved that the babies are not allowed to walk using walkers as it delays the motor skills of the baby. Hence, the sale of walkers is banned in the country.


Wearing Yellow Coloured Clothes

In 2011, the Malaysian government has banned the colour yellow in clothing as it was the colour of opposition activists. You are not allowed to wear anything that has the colour yellow in it.


Jasmine in China

The word "jasmine" was used as a code word for revolution in the country. Hence, all songs that have the word mentioned in it or using the word in text messages is totally banned.


Video Games in Greece

This drastic step was taken to regulate Internet gambling in the country, but the government was unclear about this law, as they didn't pass a law to differentiate between gambling games from the harmless video games. So, if you are caught playing a video game in a café you can be arrested.


Western Haircuts in Iran

Did you know that Mohawks, mullets, spikes, or flaunting even a ponytail is illegal in Iran? Well, most of the Islamic countries are not so crazy about the Western culture hence have the rule of banning these hairstyles.

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