First Golden Toilet Open For Public Use!

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How happy would you be if you were given a chance to use a toilet that is completely made of gold? Though this sounds something that is impossible, we here to share a bit with you!

First Golden Toilet Open For Public Use!

An Italian artist named Maurizio Cattelan has made a solid gold, Kohler-designed toilet that is now a permanent installation at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City!

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The best part is that it is open for the public!


According to the artist this golden toilet is not a piece of art, but a working lavatory for the public to use. He says, the artwork is only "complete" when they do. Isn't it insane?


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The toilet is titled as "America", and the meaning is open to interpretation! According to a leading media they describe it as "preposterously scatological apotheosis of wealth".

Golden Toilet

According to the officials there would be many people who would form long lines to use this bathroom. And a guard is also at stationed near the door to keep queues orderly - and also to prevent theft.



This unique toilet is said to look its best when in use, as it sparkles so much and it also looks very bright especially during the flush!

unique toilet

How cool is that! But we wonder, is it really needed??

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