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Ever Wondered How The Blind Dream?

By: Rima Chowdhury

Sleep is baffling and so are our dreams! We love sleeping because all we can do is dream whatever and whenever we want.

Dreams can give you a larger-than-life feel and they have always played a vital role in our lives.

From loathing dreams to loved ones, few of our dreams are greatest memories, while others might give you a nightmare.

Dreaming at night is quite common and every one of us can experience it every day. However, have you ever wondered how the blind dream?

Or should I ask, do blind people dream?

how will a blind person dream

For most of us, dreams are profoundly visual and most people's dreams are primarily visual.

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What they see in their dreams depends on how much they could ever see in their life. If someone has been entirely blind since childbirth, then they have auditory dreams.

For people like you and me, we still dream with colours included, while in case of a visually challenged person, it completely depends.

People who go blind after 7 years of age do report visual dreams, exactly like how a normal person would perceive.

This means, the more you experience light, the more you can go on dreaming.

how will a blind person dream

For a person who goes blind after 50 years of age, he/she can see obscure dreams, like the way he/she would see after losing his/her eyesight.

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However, the age group between 5 and 7 years is quite critical because some of them can dream while others cannot.

Regardless of the visual dream content, it is said that the blind have rich and ingenious dreams.

It is said that their dreams are representative of their real lives, which are usually charged with sound, touch, smell and emotion.

They develop high perceptions of the world and these senses help them to create a dream of their own.

If you were born with a full-colour vision but later became colourblind, it is said that you may have full-colour dreams.

how will a blind person dream

Apart from this, it is said that 70 percent of the blind who dream can feel the sensation of touch, while the rest reported to feeling the sensation of smell in their dreams, as per a study.

Despite the sensory difference, the emotional attachment that a person shares with his/her dream is not much different in the blind or sighted person.

So basically, dreams of the blind are just like the dreams that a normally sighted person would see without pictures.

It is said that the light that blind people see in images through their dreams aren't real lights, in fact, they are a signal that the brain sends to the person.

Hence, I can conclude saying that the brain sends signals to the blind person in order to make his/her dream seem clear and effective.

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