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Kangana Ranaut's Love For Dolce and Gabbana


Kangana Ranaut gave us one of her best looks so far for the year 2015. The beauty who dissed the Filmfare Awards 2015 just to be at the Signature Derby race looked splendid in a head to toe, Dolce and Gabbana outfit.

Attending the races with a few other celebrities from Bollywood, we can proudly say that Kangana looked the best from the lot. The floral top she paired with the elegant beige skirt was a killer and though it was a tad longer for such an event, she still looked impeccable. Dolce and Gabbana has been a constant favourite for Kangana and this pick was apt for this event.

This outfit she wore was simple and perfect. The floral strapless top was delicate with a daisy printed pattern. The colours of her top was soothing to the eyes and a right fit for a morning occasion. On the other hand, the beige long skirt could have been a little shorter to give in a sexier appeal, but she went in for a long version to avoid a tan.

Kangana wrapped her simple and elegant Dolce and Gabbana style with a white thin belt that matched her straps of her floral top. With this outfit, she wore nude pointed pumps and it made this style all the more stunning. To top the elegant Derby look, Kangana tied her very curly tresses into a neat bun which she hid under a big black net hat.

For the races, Kangana also wore loud makeup. If you closely take a look at her cheeks you can see the doll-like blush shimmering against the sunlight. This was another shocker since Kangana is not the type who usually opts for makeup! She completed her Derby style sans nail polish and a light pink hue on her lips. All in all, Kangana looked cute at the Signature Derby race.