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10 Most Expensive Beers In The World

Beer is not a kind of alcohol for which we use words like 'vintage' or 'premium'. Wine is tasted but beer is just grabbed. That is why you will be surprised to know that the most expensive beers in the world can cost a fortune. The prices of the most expensive beers in the world is not comparable with vintage wine or whiskey.

But some of the beer brands are famous for making some of the most expensive beers in the world. The reason why beer is cheaper than other forms of alcohol is because the fermentation process of beer is relatively simpler. That is why most beer brands mass their merchandise. But for those to like the taste of vintage, there are some types of beer that cost quite a bit.

These classy beers are usually very old and thus taste much smoother than an average beer available over the counter. Below we have listed some of the most expensive beers in the world.


Sapporo's Space Barley: $110

This beer is expensive for a bizarre reason. The barley used for fermenting this beer was grown in outer space!


Crown Ambassador Reserve: $90

This Australian beer brand is famous for making beer that tastes almost as smooth as wine. It is a limited edition beer that is not easily available.


Tutankhamun Ale: $75 for 500ml

The recipe for this beer has come from ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti's tomb. The maker of this beer is Scottish but the name is Egyptian owing to its origin.


Brewdog's Sink The Bismarck: $80

Germany is the largest beer drinking country in the world and this beer is named after a Nazi German ship. It is supposed to be one of the world's strongest beers.


Samuel Adams Utopia: $150

Utopia's is the most expensive beer made in America. It has extremely high percentage of alcohol due to its elaborate fermenting process.


Schorschbrua's Schorschbock: $250

This German beer is claimed to be the strongest beer in the world with a whopping 57 percent alcohol in it.


Carlsberg Jacobsen Vintage: $400 (6 packs)

The vintage wine market was captured by a well-known Banish beer brand, Carlsberg. This beer has distinct vanilla and cocoa taste.


Caulier Ville Bon Secours: $750

This beer is expensive by virtue of it being extremely rare. You cannot find it in just any bar. Some special bars like Belgo Bierodrome in London stock this beer.


Brewdog's End Of History: $765

This is the third most strongest beer in the world after Schorschbrua's Schorschbock and Brewdog's Sink The Bismarck. It is also the second most expensive beer in the world and only 12 bottles of this limited edition beer still remain.


Nail Brewing's Antarctic Nail Ale: $815

This is without any scope of doubt the most expensive beer in the world. Only 30 bottles of this beer have been made so far and each one is auctioned to the highest bidder.

Story first published: Friday, May 3, 2013, 23:29 [IST]
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