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Most Iconic Bond Women Outfits Ever

The outfits worn by Bond women are just as iconic as the movies themselves. James Bond is incomplete without his platoon of Bond girls. And James Bond movies are not so much fun with the fashionable outfits that Bond women love to wear. Bond girls have always been symbols of bold fashion and sex sirens. And thus, some Bond women outfits have become symbolic with their roles in the movies.

For example, can you ever forget the orange bikini with a white holster that Halle Berry wore in the movie 'Die Another Day'? That Bond woman outfit has now become an icon of James Bond movies. Similarly, there are many other clothes worn by Bond girls that went down in history as 'unforgettable'.

All Bond girls are not equally famous. The same is true for Bond women outfits. Not every James Bond movie has an outfit that becomes historic. However, some of the most popular Bond girls have become immortal in their special costumes. For example, the image of Ursulla Andress in a white bikini on a beach is still fresh in our minds although the movie came in 1971!

Here are some of the most iconic Bond women outfits that we recall from the numerous James Bond movies that we have seen.


Sophie Marceau In Lace

The sexy Bond girl in 'The World Is Enough' was known for wearing fluttering lace dresses. Today, lace and sheer are in fashion. But she started the trend way back in the 90s.


Ursula Andress In White Bikini

The image of Ursala Andress in the skimpy white bikini is the one of the defining style moments of James Bond history. Her white bikini seemed to blend in with white sands and conch shells on the beach.


Barbara Bach In Black Evening Gown

The sensual Russian spy played by Barbara Back was one of the strongest Bond girls ever. And her black evening gown lined with diamonds in the movie 'The Spy Who Loves Me' is one of the most fashionable Bond women outfits ever.


Halle Berry In Orange Bikini

Halle Berry was a sensation in 'Die Another Day' and her orange bikini with a white holster belt will be one of the most symbolic outfits ever worn in James Bond movies.


Eva Green's Black Casino Dress

Eva Green is definitely one of the hottest bond girls ever. And her moment of fame in 'Casino Royale' was the time when she was wearing the black strap dress in the casino.


Famme Jansen's High Collar Dress

Famme Jansen was one of the most negative Bond girls ever. And her black high-collar dress with a huge cleavage gave her a very witch-like look.


Jane Seymour's Boho Dress

Jane Seymour was probably the one Bond girl who had a Bohemian taste. This red hippie gown is one of the most unique Bond women outfits ever seen on screen.


Maud Adams

We have seen bikinis and skimpy dresses, but Maud Adams is probably the only Bond girl famous for her dressing gown! She wore a luxurious white silk dressing gown in the movie 'Octopussy' and is remembered for that.


Jill Tiffany In Cross Colours

Jill was the first all-American Bond girl who is starred in the movie 'Diamonds Are Forever'. She wore dual coloured clothes through out the movie and is always remembered in double shades.

Story first published: Friday, June 28, 2013, 2:03 [IST]
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