12 Traditional Indian Bridal Sarees

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Indian bridal sarees have a vast majority of varieties. In fact every state in India has it own kind of bridal saree. While Kanjeevaram is the most famous South-Indian bridal saree, net and fancy sarees rule the roost in the North. So, there is no scarcity of types to choose when it comes to Indian bridal sarees. Nowadays, young women are also going for contemporary sarees for their wedding. However, when there are so many gorgeous traditional Indian sarees to choose from, why go for anything else?

As we said, every state has it own bridal saree in India. For example, Kanjeevaram is a saree from Tamil Nadu. Patt is a bridal saree from Kerala. Banarasi saree comes from the city of Banaras but is worn by many Bengali and Bihari brides. Most of the Indian bridal sarees are made of silk though some are made of net or fancy material.

The bridal sarees are also classified according to the work on them. For example, Zardosi work can be done on silk as well as net. Similarly, gota lace can be attached to any kind of saree to make it look bridal.

So having discussed some examples of Indian bridal sarees, lets take a look at them in details. Here are some net and silk sarees that the Indian bride usually wears.



Kanjeevaram sarees are the pride of South-Indian women. Although it a saree that is a native of Kuchipuram in Tamil Nadu, almost all South-Indian brides wear Kanjeevarams. They are known by their exquisite temple borders.


Net Sarees

Just like silk sarees are popular down South, net sarees are popular in the North. Most brides in the northern states choose net sarees with different types of embroidery work on it. The distinct feature of these sarees is that they are transparent.



Banarasi saree comes from the holy city of Kashi. While the core silk material comes from Banaras, the golden work on it is done in Bengal. The brightness of a Banarasi saree is unsurpassed.


Sambalpuri Saree of Odisha

Odhisa has many beautiful sarees like Katki and Bomkai in its kitty. However, if an Oriyya bride has to choose, she would choose a Sambalpuri silk saree like this one. The work on the anchal is what makes these sarees stand out.


Assam Silk

Assam silk or Muga silk is respected as one of finest silk sarees in India. The Assamese bride usually wears a white silk saree with red borders. The pattern of Assam silk sarees is typical just like you can see in the picture.


Gota Saree

Gota is a kind of lace that is attached to the pallu and hem of the saree. Gota work is specifically for the bride and can be attached to any saree.


Reshame Saree

Resham is a kind of silk saree that is very widely worn for weddings in South India. This saree has a very wide variety in terms of designs and patterns.


Zardosi Sarees

Zardosi is a kind of embroidery work that can be done on both silk and net sarees. Zardosi work sarees are right now the most popular kind of Indian bridal sarees all over India.



Paithani silk saree that hail from the region of Aurangabad are one of the most expensive sarees in India. The Maharashtrian bride most often wears a Paithani. It is fabled that Paithani sarees have real gold thread work on them.


Bandhani Or Bandhej Saree

The Bandhani saree has a special kind of stoned and polka-dotted look that is its trademark. Bandhani or Bandhez sarees are traditionally worn by Rajasthanis and Gujaratis.


Pattu Saree

The Pattu saree is a creation in Kerala. The serenely white and gold saree is most commonly seen at Kerala weddings. Also, many Christian brides from different parts of the country wear the white Pattu sarees keeping with tradition.


Brocade Silk

Brocade silk is a different type of silk saree. The shimmering brocade material is used to make the borders and pallu of the traditional silk saree. Due to its brightness, this saree is commonly worn by many Indian brides.

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