Female Celebrities Who Are Smokers

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We all are very well aware that smoking is a bad habit, but the addiction is so strong that quitting it becomes a challenge. If you think that only men smoke then you must perish the thought! Women these days too have got into the bad habit of smoking. So gone are the days when you used to spot a man taking drags of cigarette on the streets or parties.

From young women to moms, women are also getting used to this habit and be it at office smoking zone of party pubs, women can be easily spotted enjoying drags of nicotine. Even female celebrities are not less. There are many hot female celebrities who are smokers and they do not mind accepting it in public! Jennifer Lopez is one of the female celebrities who was a smoker, but after becoming a mother, J Lo quit smoking and is now out of nicotine addiction.

Eva Mendes is another shocking female celebrity who is a regular cigarette smoker. The 23-year-old Shenae Grimes, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry are smokers too. If you think that young girls are only addicted to smoking, then you would be surprised to know that Britney Spears and Jessica Alba are also smokers. Rihanna, the pop-singer or the bad girl is famous for her drug addiction and smoking. She has posted many pics on Instagram and Twitter where she is smoking joints and bong. Take a look at the female celebrities who are smokers.

Female celebrities who are smokers:


Katy Perry

The singer is a smoker who takes not only cigarettes but has also been spotted smoking weed at times.


Britney Spears

The pop-singer and mother of two is also addicted to smoking. However, the mother is planning or rather trying hard to quit this bad habit.


Miley Cyrus

After the bong stunt on Twitter, Miley has been again spotted smoking something suspicious. It can be a cigarette though!



We all know that Rihanna loves smoking! She is one of the most popular female celebrities who is a regular smoker.


Jessica Alba

Shutterbugs have captured Jessica Alba, mother of two smoking at public places.


Jennifer Aniston

Smoking cigarettes or weed is something that Jennifer Aniston has already tried!



How can we forget the scene when Lady Gaga offered a cigarette to Adele at the Grammy Awards. Both singers enjoyed the cigarettes on their seats!


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is not only addicted to cigarettes, but is also into weed!


Mila Kunis

The sexy actress is another female celebrity smokers.


Kristen Stewart

Ouch! Kristen Stewart has been already snapped taking bong on stairs. But, Kristen is a regular cigarette smoker. After her recent breakup with beau, Robert Pattinson, she was spotted smoking in LA.


Lana Del Rey

Gorgeous Lana Del Rey was spotted at Cannes 2013 smoking cigarette on the terrace.


Jennifer Lopez

From Fuentes to Padrons to Cohibas, J Lo used to smoke everything. But after becoming a mother, she is playing her dutiful role and kicked-off the bad habit.


Kate Moss

The sexy supermodel is so much into smoking that she is believed to smoke four packs of cigarettes every day! Can see the effect of nicotine on her skin.


Gisele Bundchen

The supermodel doesn't like to use skin care products, but her addiction to cigarettes and the effect of nicotine is something Gisele loves.


Shenae Grimes

The 23-year-old Canadian actress Shenae Grimes is also a regular smoker.


Eva Mendes

The American actress and model is a regular smoker. She has been captured a lot of times smoking cigs!

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