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Emma Watson Does A Topless Photoshoot

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If the cutie nerd Hermoine Granger is still set upon your heart, then its time for a rude wake up call. Young Hollywood star Emma Watson has gone topless for a photoshoot. Emma is one from the long list of celebrities who have removed their clothes in front of the camera. There is nothing surprising about bold photoshoots anymore. However, what might be a shock for fans is that its is the child star Emma Watson who has gone topless in front of the cameras.

Emma shot to fame as the super smart witch from the fantasy series Harry Potter. Hermoine Granger, the character she played was one of the three main roles in the movie. So, the cute and bubbly image that Emma Watson has does not go with her topless photographs at all. But in all fairness Emma Watson did not go nude; she just shed her top and lingerie.

Emma Watson

Technically speaking, Emma Watson's topless photoshoot is not very 'bold' per se. In all the photos she has covered her vital assets with her hands or props. However, the pictures are still gorgeous. And the best part is that Emma Watson did not go topless for cheap publicity or to earn brownie points on Twitter like many celebrities do.

In fact, Emma Watson's photoshoot was for a good cause. She went without clothes in the favour of a greener tomorrow. Emma Watson's topless photoshoot is going be a part of the book 'Natural Beauty'. The photos were clicked by ace photographer James Houston. And what can be a better definition of natural beauty that an undressed woman holding flowers in an Eve-like pose?

The entire project is affiliated to the organisation of Green Cross International. The photos of Emma Watson will be a part of Global Green USA project. Emma has shocked us once by chopping of her thick hair and getting a pixie cut. But looks like the youngster likes to court dangerous moves to get over hr cutie image. That is why she has shocked us again by going topless. But considering the cause and the aesthetics of the photographer, we must say, 'well done Emma, way to go!'

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Story first published: Friday, March 22, 2013, 11:17 [IST]
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