Top 5 Most Mysterious Celebrity Deaths!

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Mysterious deaths are a niche forte of our favourite stars. Just like they live highly publicised but deeply troubling lives, sometimes celebrity deaths too reflect these characteristics. The recent example of Whitney Houston's sudden demise is a perfect example. Sudden, tragic and mysterious, her passing away is more news than her remote post stardom life for the last decade. There are many more stars like this who died of sad and sometimes unexplained causes; they left us to wonder and figure it out.

Here are some the greatest shocks that came in the form of mysterious deaths of stars.

Top 5 Mysterious Deaths Of Celebrities:

1. Whitney Houston 2012: Her death is like a really unputdownable mystery novel or a mystery flick typical of Hollywood. The pop diva of yester years dies in a bathtub in Beverly Hilton Hotel. Whether she drowned in the bath tub or passed out due to taking a strong overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol is not clear yet. Her body guard found the famous singer dead in the bath tub and we know that Whitney Houston was addicted to cocaine that brought her on the verge of bankruptcy. So we can put 2 and 2 together.

2. Michael Jackson 2009: I guess only the 'Man in the mirror' can tell us why the legend decided to leave us so soon. The godfather of pop music had a celebrity death that was involuntary; he died of an overdose of sleeping pills prescribed to him by his private physician. Although Dr. Condrad Murray was treating MJ for insomnia, he was guilty of second degree manslaughter (murder) by the court.

3. Amy Winehouse 2011: Alcohol poisoning was the stated cause of this celebrity death but whether it was a suicidal attempt after being booed off stage or it was administered to her by someone is not yet clear. The case was shut and reopened again by the State of England for this British singer's death.

4. Heath Ledger 2008: 'Why so serious?' is the question The Joker asked us all in his last movie that got him a hoard of posthumous awards as best actor in a negative role. He died of an drug overdose but he left behind a legendary Batman villain and shoes too bog for anyone to fit into. The saddest part is that he was a mere 28 years old at the time of his mysterious death.

5. Marilyn Monroe 1962: This death happened at least half a century back but it still continues to intrigue us. The dream girl of Hollywood died of an overdose of sleeping pills but whether it was a suicide or another one in the series of the Kennedy deaths (she allegedly had affairs with both Kennedy brothers), we cannot be sure.

These were the most mysterious deaths that are still fresh in the public legend retold in the memory of the Whitney Houston, the iconic pop singer who passed away recently.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 16, 2012, 11:51 [IST]
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