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Music Should Be Free Says Mux Mool..

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For the starts, Mux Mool is a cool new electronic and digital music artist who just toured India in collaboration with Heinekein, the beer brand. He played at Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. We bring you an exclusive interview with the inspiring artist, Mux Mool who supports Torrents and believes that music should be free.

Here are the questions that were asked Mux Mool by the august congregation of the Media and DJs present at the Heineken Green Room in City Bar, UB City Bangalore.

Mux Mool

What is your body of work so far?

I have composed an album called Skulltaste that has about 20 odd songs. My second album, Planet High School took more time and energy but has half the number of songs.

How do you classify yourself as a musician?

Definitely Instrumental Hip Hop or digital music. I would like to think that my music has the soul of Hip Hop in it. I personally enjoy the history of Hip Hop and also like its openness. You can bring in so many variations and it is still Hip Hop.

Is your music hardware or software based?

It is almost totally software based. This is because I compose my music on my computer which I can carry around with me. Hardware is tough to carry around. Moreover, nowadays you can get almost any hardware sound on the computer. It may not be perfect but its almost there.

Has social media and the internet helped you with your music?

It has certainly worked for me. A record label company found my songs on a social networking site and I got my album. It helps you know people and allows fans to get in touch with the artists directly.

Do you believe music should be free?

Yes, that is how I function. But it is not about what I think. If a 15 year old boy can download all the songs he wants then there is no way we can fight the torrent of music on the internet. And I would prefer people having my music for free, rather than not have it at all because it costs 20 dollars. After all, this is how they get to hear my music and know who I am.

Do you give your music free?

My music is free to download directly from my website. There is not need to go through torrent sites.

If a musician gives his music for free, how does he make money?

Well, the days of selling a CD and making money has certainly gone. Now I give my music free and say you can pay for it if you like it. Many websites run on the donation format. There are people who have come up to me and paid ten dollars after listening my music for free on the internet. You cannot force music on anyone. If they like your music they will buy tickets to your concert (so touring is a must) and also your merchandise.

So has the social media killed the rock DJs?

No, I guess they killed themselves. There is a lot of insecurity in artists these days. They believe that if they give away a tune then how will they make money or hold on to their fame.

This is what Mux Mool had to say on how music on the internet is changing the face of the music industry today.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 12:08 [IST]
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