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Heineken Green Room Presents Mux Mool

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The Heineken Green Room was a breath of fresh air compared to the monotonous promotional events that take place these days. This is not just because they served some fabulous beer but due to the enlivening discussion that followed. Heineken Green Room is basically an attempt by this Beer brand to establish themselves in the Indian market. And to do so, they have decided to loop in young artists who are not widely known in India though they are really big overseas.

Mux Mool is the first of the series of artists who will tour India (Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore) to play their music and talk about the pertinent issues raging in the music world today. After having completed a tour of Delhi and Mumbai, Mux (aka Brian Lindgren) was present in UB City Bangalore on Sunday, 24th June to talk about his music and why he thinks it should be free.

Before we get down to the real issue, lets get to know Mux Mool a little better as he is less known in India. He is a DJ and composer who works with mainly electronic or digital music. In his own words, his music can be best described as 'Instrumental Hip Hop'. To a listener, I would say that is an energetic strain of music, as Henieken promises, 'it is not something that you have heard before'.

Heineken sponsors 4 major businesses abroad; Football, Rugby, James Bond and Music. In India, music is going to be the spearhead of their promotional activities. Thus, the stress on a very topical musical question. When every kid can download music for free, then what is the future of the music industry? Can you actually fight the Torrent business on the Internet. To put it all together, has the Internet and Social media sites killed the star DJs?

In Mux Mool's own words, 'No, they killed themselves because they refused to adapt'. The Torrent business cannot be fought because its too good to be true. But, according to this talented Electronic musician, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Mux says that the Internet gives the power back to the audience. Download as you like and pay for it if you like to, is his mantra for survival. He says that the social media and internet is a fabulous way to popularize your music and on top of everything it is free.

The internet as a music tool, can be used to give people brilliant music for free and the artist in turn can en-cash his or her popularity through concerts and by selling merchandise. That is the hard but only way to survive in the music world today. Go for tours, live performances and give your music a direct download instead of torrent sites.

The City Bar is UB City, Bangalore was abuzz with enthusiasm at the prospect of such new possibilities. Media persons and DJs were thrilled with the idea of free music that Mux proposed and encouraged to see an artist who had put the concept into practice. Lets hope Heineken continues to 'open our world' with such enlightening discussions.

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Story first published: Monday, June 25, 2012, 11:19 [IST]
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