Types Of Kebab To Try Before You Die

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Kebabs are one of the delicacies loved across the length and breadth of India. But not all types of kebab are equally popular. Some kebabs are like more than others and thus enjoy more fame. The holy month of Ramzan is upon us. In this month, one is expected to fast during the day and feast at night fall. Kebabs are the best food during Ramzan. They are tasty, healthy and filling, thus perfect snacks to break your Roza with.

Here are the most popular types of kebabs that you simply must try before you die.

Best Kebabs To Try:

Sheek Kebab: It is rare to find a hard core non-vegetarian who does not like this type of kebab. It is a kebab made with minced meat (could be chicken, mutton or beef) and roasted of 'sheeks' or skewers. The sheek kebab is typically long and cylindrical. It is usually savoured with hot Rumali rotis.

Chicken Tikka: This is undoubtedly one of the best Indian kebabs that has become iconic. The tikka is usually made with chicken and the trademark red masala. It consists of juicy chewable pieces of chicken cooked over a charcoal fire. This type of kebab is so illustrious that it has become a prototype for kebabs in general. If you just said that you want kebabs then you would probably be served chicken tikkas.

Hara Bhara Kebab: No tears from the vegetarians; there is a vegetarian kebab on the list that is one of the most popular vegetarian kebabs! Hara bhara kebab is green coloured kebab that is a favourite with vegans. It is made with healthy green vegetables like spinach and peas. The greens are mashed and mixed with potatoes and then fried. In many places, hara bhara kebab has dry fruits too.

Reshmi Kebab: This is a kebab that is best for kids. It is not as spicy as the most kebabs are and is creamy white in colour. The meat used for this kebab is usually chicken marinated with cream and white pepper. Caramelized onions can be used to make the 'resham' of silky threads on the pieces of meat.

Kalmi Kebab: Easy to eat and tastes like amazing, Kalmi kebabs are legendary in India. They are made from chicken leg pieces. The marinade is almost similar to chicken tikka with curd and red chilli, but the style of roasting is different.

Galouti Kebab: This is a type of kebab that is Awadhi or Lucknowi in origin. The Nawabs of Lucknow loved kebabs but when they grew old they could not tear the meat with their toothless mouths. So they told their shahi (royal) cooks to devise a kebab that would be so soft that it could be eaten with bare gums. Th result was the innovation of Galouti or Tunday kebab.

Are your favourite types of kebabs on this list? Which according to you is the best kebab of the lot?

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