4 Places To Go For The Best Kebabs!

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Every street vendor in India sells kebabs but, those who are real connoisseurs of this delicacy are willing to go far and wide to find the best kebabs. A tasty kebab is not just food for the mind, it is basically a type of food for your senses. Kebab lovers would agree wholeheartedly with that statement.

The 'kebab' as we understand it today is not a Delhi food by origin. It is a meat delicacy that originated in the Middle East. It traveled down to Turkey, Afghanistan with the Islamic empire and eventually came to India with the Mughals. So, if you are an Indian kebab lover, where will you find the best kebabs in the country?

4 Places To Go For The Best Kebabs:

Delhi: The capital is a melting pot of Indian culture where the Mughal culture is filtered to meet the local recipes. Food in Delhi reflects this cultural cross over. Every street side kebab stall sells some or the other tasty kebabs. But if you are looking for specific locations, then go to Nizams (any of the branches), Karims and all the 'kebabwallas' around the Jama Masjid in Old Delhi.

Hyderabad: The word Hyderabadi kebab did not originate from the blue. The state of Hyderabad was the seat of the Nizam and in his kitchens, the Mughal recipes married South Indian spices. This city has its own variety of tasty kebabs different from all of the North. The famous 'Choti and Boti' Kebab from Paradise for example, is a legend. Siddique is the name that has been around for some time in the 'kebab' world and Hyderabad House too is making great progress in terms of fame.

Lucknow: Lucknow is not just famous for its sweet spoken and well behaviour and manners (tehzeeb) of people, but also for its kebabs. This was once the capital of the Awadh kingdom. The toothless nawabs of this dynasty wanted a special kebab that would be so soft that it could be eaten with bare gums. Thus came the Galouti or the Tunday kebab which is the best kebab to eat in Lucknow. Tunde Kebab near Akbari gate is the best place in city to taste kebabs. Other than that, you have Naushejaan, Dasterkhwan, Sakhawat, Daal mein Kaala, etc.

Mumbai: The island city of India cannot be left out when we are talking about food. This city has its own style even when it comes to serving something as iconic as kebabs. The authentic Lebanese and Irani kebabs that you find here cannot be found anywhere else. The city is littered with tiny Irani cafe's that make the most amazing Chello kebabs. If you walk down Colaba Causeway, you will come across the Cafe Leopold first and then numerous such tiny eateries (Picadilly Cafe is personal favourite).

If you are a kebab pilgrim, then pay your homage to these places to enjoy the best kebabs.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 12:18 [IST]
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