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Lost Cities In India One Must Visit!

India, is one of the best places in the world, that is known for their ancient history and tales! There are a number of people from around the world that travel from far and near to see some of the ancient ruins of India, where most of these places are barely not known for inhabitants.

The list given below are some of the lost cities of India, you might or may not have heard of. These lost cities in India, are extremely fascinating, as they were once upon a time known for their prosperity and culture.

1.Vijaynagar City – This is one of the places in Southern part of India which was once said to be an important place belonging to that of the Vijaynagar empire. This is one of the lost cities in India, because it is believed that the site, is now under UNESCO as a heritage called,'Ruins of Hampi'. The place is now in danger as many archaeologists say that the ruins present at Hampi is losing its charm, due to the pollution and construction of the nearby areas. Today, is your only chance to step out and take a last peak at the once so called, Vijayanagar City!

2.Lothal – If you ever visit Gujarat, do not forget to pay a tribute to Lothal, a famous lost city in India. As per the name, the term Lothal means, 'place of the dead'! In the year 1900 BC, the bead industry flourished along with one of the most important ports of the town. If you ever pay a visit to Lothal, you are bound to see the magnificent Lothal museum and guides will knowledge you on the Indus Civilization and the history of this best lost city in India.

3.Kalibangan- Situated in Rajasthan, this is yet another lost city in India, one should surely visit! It is said that Kalibangan is one of the places to be badly destroyed by earthquakes over the years, thus leading to the end of the civilization. The name of the place itself states, 'dry bangle', as it was situated near the dry Ghaggar river. The Kalibangan, is regarded as a lost city in India, because here you would only find an archaeological museum, detailing you on the excavation and other site reviews.

Although, some of these lost cities in India, are in ruins, it would be a pleasant trip, if you make it there, to experience long lost India!

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 7, 2011, 11:41 [IST]
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