Top 5 Famous Assassinations In The World!

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Why are people so interested in assassinations and murders? Does it show the morbid side of us humans that has adrenaline rushing at the though of death? Or is it the sense of loss and instability that gets people excited. Whatever be the reason famous assassinations have and will remain in public memory for forever. The top assassinations in the world include celebrity murders, political personalities and heads of state.

Here is a list of the top 5 assassinations of all time that are still talked about.

Top 5 Famous Assassinations Of All Times:

1. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 22 November, 1963: JFK as he was better know is at the top of the list of famous assassinations due to the sheer impossibility of the situation in which the Head of State was assassinated. Accompanied by first lady Jackline Kennedy he was taking a tour of Dallas in a top open limousine amidst top security. He was shot from the top of a near by building and the blame rested on a former Marine corps officer Lee Harvey Oswald (assassinated himself 2 days later). His guilt was never really proven and this high profile political murder remains an enigma till today.

2. Mahatma Gandhi, 30 January, 1948: The great political leader ranks second due to the effect his death had on two nations and the whole world in general. The father of the nation was assassinated by Nathu Ram Godse whose believed that Gandhi was weakening the nation by giving funds to the new born Pakistan. It is the first assassination in Independent India.

3. John Lennon, 8 December, 1980: The utter ridiculousness and loss of this famous assassination has made it to this list. Who doesn't know the famous John Lennon from Beatles fame? Apart from being the best musician of his time he was also a hippie and a peace activist. He was shot in New York outside his hotel by a lunatic man, Mark David Chapman four times. The assassin courted arrest and never revealed his motif for this celebrity murder. It remains a thorn in the eyes of music lovers till date.

4. Martin Luther King, 4 April, 1968: The Black leader who lead the African Americans into the Civil Rights Movement to peacefully protest for their rights. He is most famous for his iconic 'I have a dream..' speech. King was shot dead by a right wing radical white man called James Earl Ray who was arrested later. This top profile assassination had a clear motif, pure evil racism.

5. Indira Gandhi, 31 October, 1984: The second Gandhi to die a tragic death, Mrs Gandhi was shot more that 30 times by her own gatekeepers (from the Sikh community) apparently for storming the Golden Temple militarily (Operation Blue Star). The murder of this popular lady Prime Minister is here because of the bloody Anti Sikh riots it sparked off in India.

These famous assassinations may not be discussed today but the bring back memories of that shock instantly.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 30, 2011, 15:21 [IST]
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