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International Men's Day 2022: Unique Gift Ideas ForHim

International Men's Day is going to be here and it is the best time on the earth to tell them in myriad ways, what you think about them and what they mean to you. Gifting them something they cherish is one of the best ways.

Gifting is a thoughtful gesture, which is made all the more meaningful if you know your loved one's likings and dislikes. Your gift is a sentimental treasure that is also of use to them if chosen wisely. Like every year, this year too International Men's Day will be celebrated on 19 November 2022. However, looking for the perfect gift can be a stressful task and therefore, we did all the digging to help you out on this special day.


1.Travel Bags

If he plans to carry breakable items, it is best to choose hard-shell luggage as it can offer better security than soft sided baggage. This cant be opened with ease and has locks integrated into it. Aluminium luggage can offer more security as well. Aluminum luggage can be even more secure. The ideal travel gifts are also practical as they make a long flight seem shorter. You should be able to pack a little luxuries, including beauty products to cosy slippers in it.


2. Digital Audio Player

This is a welcome gift for those specially gifted with an ear for Bollywood music. The caravan Personal Audio layer is one such irreplaceable gift, which your father or grandfather would refuse to put down on the table. Preloaded with 3000 Hindi songs, it rids you of the travel or exercise boredom. It comes in with no internet requirements or those annoying ad breaks.


3. Whisky Decanter And Glass Set

Whiskey decanter simplifies life and lets you celebrate special days with ease. Choose a superior quality classic decanter sets for men who are finicky about the choice of their whiskey accessories. Look for good craftsmanship and design in decanters, whiskey glasses, coasters and the wooden box. No home bar is complete without the addition of this kind of a set which you can use to serve your favourite whiskey.


4. Watches or Shoes

A quality watch should be manufactured from Stainless Steel. A titanium or ceramic watch is a better option but they are highly pricey for a normal buyer. A good, affordable watch has a quartz movement or a certified mechanical movement. See that all the above points fit in to your choice of the watch you are intending to giftIf you are thinking of good quality shoes that serve his purpose, it should have at least an adjustable strap which adjust according to the individual needs. The shoes' heel support should be soft and stable, preventing vertical or horizontal heel movement. There should be sufficient width and depth at the front of the shoe for accommodating your toes. Your partner will not only appreciate your taste but also your practical approach to choosing gifts.


5. Bookend Set

For men who love to read, what better gift than a bookend? Here is an elegant bookend, a set of working men, that will look stylish on any bookshelf. These simple yet classy bookends would look good in the house, study, or even office. Buy a set of 2 aluminium bookends with smooth finish so that they can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth.


6. Natural Skincare products

For those who love to take care of their skin, present them with natural skincare products and this will surely make them happy.. This will not only make them glow, but will alo help them to take care of their skin when they will return home from a stressful day at work.


7. Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Probably, after the family, the next best sentimental possession in a man's life is his car. Help them to take better care of their car by gifiting a portable car vacuum cleaner. This is not only lightweight, but it can be operated using the car lighter socket. It is known to remove even the difficult spots like A/C vents or clean display panels thoroughly.


8. Flower Bouquet

Flowers are equivalent to happiness and symbolises peace and comfort. Known to brighten the smiles of the receiver instantly, they make someone's day. There could be nothing better than a flower bouquet to turn the grimace into a grin on your father's face. Choose red and yellow flowers for that strong hint of colour for your flower bouquet and thank him for being always there for you in your life.


9. Gym Equipment

This is the perfect gift if you have a brother, father or partner who is a fitness enthusiast. Staying fit will help them to live better and stay relaxed and they will always thank you for that. Also, it will be helpful for those who want to stay in shape and also manage healthy body weight.


10. Plants And Planters

Adding a touch of nature to your gift would be welcomed by anyone inclined towards nature. If the special man in your life has a green thumb then the plant is a thoughtful choice for a gift that shows the care and thought that it accompanies. It expresses silently many emotions that were left unsaid or unaddressed. Choose an air-purifying plant or a plain good old lucky bamboo with a quirly planter, and it will enliven the Men's Day for your dad as well as fill the corners of your house with greenery and positivity.


11. Perfumes

A good perfume is enough to make a fashion statement on its own. And when you are getting it for someone special, it has to be the best. If you think your man has an overactive olfactory sense, then present them with a collection of perfumes which they can choose as per their mood and the occasion. It is something that instantly brings up memories of good times in a person's life.

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