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International Education Day 2023: Quotes, Messages, WhatsApp Messages, And FB Status

Education is a window to your soul that is expressed through your thoughts words and deeds. One can never underestimate the power of education as it can direct you towards good future. One should strive to eradicate the intellectual and financial poverty with good education. It can effectively steer individuals and nations towards a promising progress and enrich them at all levels.
International Education Day originally spearheaded by the UN has been celebrated with an intention to change the way the world thinks about education as an institution. It is being observed on 24 January 2023 this year. It Is themed around the concept of investing in people and prioritize education. Here are a few quotes, messages to make a note of and incorporate them into your life.

1. You can take away anything from a person. However, you can't take away his education and learning.
2. Education is a pail that is filled. But a fire that is lit.
3. When you are able to listen calmly without losing your confidence it means you are educated.
4. A good teacher can change everything. Similarly, the power of knowledge can change anyone.
5. If you want to bring about changes in the ruthless minds of this world, the only way is to educate yourself and try changing society.
6. Parents are your first mentors to whom you owe your gratitude forever.
7. In the dark of society, it is only the light of an educator that shines.
8. Being educated is equal to having a supremely optimistic and positive approach.
9. To be a good educator, you need to be intelligence embellished by a magnetic personality.
10. Education is the only opportunity that we get in our lifetimes. So let us not waste it.
11. Learning and disseminating the practices that you learnt, will enhance your skills further.
12. Spreading the light of truth is in a way the very basis of educational development.
13. We all are by birth human beings, but grow up to be humane only because of education.
14. Education disseminated with utmost care and devotion and cause a revolution in society.
15. With every painful incident, you learn a lesson that ultimately changes you inside out.
16. The goal of education is to teach you how to think intensively and critically.
17. Education is the weapon in your hands that can either cause mass destruction or mass uplift.
18. Education can open doors of opportunity as tomorrow belongs to those persons who are willing to exert and be well-equipped to welcome the future.
19. Education is bitter at the beginning with the sweetest result at the end.

Story first published: Thursday, January 19, 2023, 20:49 [IST]
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