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Find Out Your Personality Based On Your Body Type

The studies so far on personality attributes have been centred on our postures, and our likings and dislikes towards certain colours and so on. William Herbert Sheldon, in the 1940s, brought in an association between body types and the personality traits. He called each body type as somatotypes and gathered their physical and psychological attributes and created a new perspective and theory.

Sheldon called the body types as somatotypes which are 3 in number: slim ectomorphs, muscular mesomorphs, and smooth endomorphs. Endomorphs, he said are of the calm and friendly variety, mesomorphs active and assertive, and ectomorphs quiet and controlled. Most of us are a combination of two of three and none of us are perfect examples for any of the basic body types. Our body structures are differentiated by changes and differences in skeletal frame and body composition. ,

Women with the hourglass figure are not perfect prototypes that come under any category. They can be placed somewhere between mesomorphs and endomorphs. They are curvaceous like endomorph but thin waisted like mesomorphs. However, If Mesomorphs put on layers of fat, then they get labelled as overweight and "apple-shaped" whose midriff is the biggest part of their body. They are pot-bellied with dangling love handles on either sides.

Let us see how we can connect the body types and the personality attributes together.


An ectomorph is usually skinny and tall. They are of narrow build, with narrow shoulders, face chest, and thin arms and legs. Although they eat healthy and hearty, they never pile up fat. These people are introverts with a gentle calm disposition. Highly self-conscious but intelligent, they are also anxiety ridden when they are with people, in a gathering. They are extremely private and keep their thoughts to themselves. Uncomfortable with social interactions, they usually retreat into their shell quickly, and are usually quiet but highly artistic. Fashion models and basketball players fall under this category.


If someone is mesomorphic, they are usually labelled as desirable and attractive. They are thin waisted people with big head and broad shoulders. They are strong and muscular in build with attractive limbs. Fat rarely piles up on their midriff they are barely fat, and even if they pile up layers it suits them. They are usually figure conscious and workout and slog themselves day in and day out. They have a courageous vein and known to be assertive. They are unafraid to get beyond their comfort zone to try the new and novel. They are highly competitive and secretly yearn for power and authority. Dominant and risk inclined, they would like to grab attention as well as opportunities.


If you are physically an allrounder, with wide hips and narrow shoulders, you come to be classified as Endomorphic. You are more likely to be pear shaped. Your arms and thighs are obese with wrists and ankles skinny. You are a mingling sort, that highly sociable, comfortable with yourself, forbearing, and calm overall., You never snap at anyone or show a quick temper. Humorous to the hilt, they are incorrigible foodies who need affection in high doses.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 11, 2023, 18:50 [IST]
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