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Children's Day 2022 : Speech Ideas For Teachers & Students On Children's Day

Also known as Bal Diwas, Children's day is organised every year to celebrate children, raise awareness among people about their rights, education and care. On this day, in schools, numerous programs are organised by teachers for the entertainment of students and also sweets are distributed.

Also, in some places, competitions, pep talks and fun activities are arranged to make this day more intriguing.

While students get to see their teachers' jovial and fun-loving side, teachers too, come to know many hidden talents of their students. We have curated some speech ideas for children and students on the occasion of Children's Day 2022 for you.

Children's Day 2022: Speech Ideas For Children

Children should be mentally prepared for this event by explaining to them what it takes to be a good speaker and what they should speak about. First of all, to prepare them adequately for speeches and debates, enlighten them about how important the occasion is, the children's day, that lets everyone be really relaxed and be themselves at school. Let them know why you are celebrating this occasion. It should show them how important they are to you and how significant is their presence in your life.

Probably a little research could go a long way in finding out the best topic they can sermonise on. Lectures on topics like "Why do we celebrate Children's Day?", "Fundamental Rights of Children", Future of India holds in the hand of today's children" and so on can really bring out their potential and the result could be surprising.

Within the mentioned time, prepare the structure for your speech. Let the first draft of the speech be in their native language. Let them add an exciting introduction to it. Also, wind it up with a powerful conclusion. Eye contact throughout the speech with the audience is important. Let them be informed about this. Practice makes perfect, and hence they should practice the speech thoroughly before you speak.

Children's Day 2022: Topics For Speech

The Extraordinary Life Of Jawaharlal Nehru

Talk about the life of Jawaharlal Nehru, how he stressed the importance of education, and how prominent his role was as a leader during the struggle for independence. Provide his short autobiography. Stress on his achievements and what he did to uplift the status of Indian citizens during his tenure.

What Is The Significance Of Children's Day?

Provide children with the reason why Children's Day is celebrated, and the way it is celebrated. Mention the schemes and programmes by the government in favour of its citizens on this day. Use personal stories and interpretation to add to heighten their interest.

What Is The Role Of The Children In Society?

Speak about famous children who, with their achievements, have made the country proud. Talk about those children who have inspired others with their inspiring lives. Ask them to write on what they can do to save the environment. Motivate them to work for the betterment of the society.

What Was Jawaharlal's Contribution To Education Of Children?

Nehru was a dedicated educationalist. So, bring to light his policies and contribution to education system in the country. Speak about how he motivated everybody to pursue a good education.

Why Is Children's Day Celebrated On November 14?

Explain the need to celebrate 14 November as children's day. Tell them how it was approved by the parliament and when the resolution was passed. Talk about why Nehru's birthday was chosen to celebrate Children's Day.

Children Are The Future Of The Country?

Firstly, explain to them what a responsible citizen means to the society. Today's children are the strong pillars for the India of tomorrow. Reiterate the role of children in building a stronger and well-developed nation. Tell them how important it is to be a responsible citizen of society. Conclude that the things they learn and do now shape what they become tomorrow.

How Can Children Build A Better Tomorrow For Themselves And The Nation?

Start by telling how a child becomes a responsible citizen in the future. Talk about some of the ways in which the kids can contribute now as a citizen. Talk about children's rights and the national awards given in recognition of their efforts in the children's category. Explain the need of good conduct and behaviour that helps them to be the treasured citizens of India.

Quotes And Their Meanings By Jawaharlal Nehru

Late Prime minister Nehru's quotes are available on the web which you can use to recite to the audience. Explain the quotes and elucidate with live example.

Why Is Jawaharlal Nehru Referred To As 'Chacha Nehru'?

Explain why Nehru is addressed as 'Chacha Nehru.' You can also make them understand why he is called Pandit Nehru.

Why Is Children's Day Important?

Talk about the importance of conducting children's day. You can let them know why it is celebrated. Tell them, why, over time, it has become the nation's favourite celebration in a clear manner.

Children can be trained to talk about the topics given above and make a good impression on the listeners.

Children's Day 2022: Speeches For Teachers

In the meanwhile, teachers can equip themselves for a formal short speech on the below topics. They can elaborate depending on the context and the time allotted to them, to conclude the speech.

  • Status of children in the country. Discuss the status and plight of children from all cross sections of society.
  • Downtrodden children not getting education. Downtrodden children or children belonging to lower strata, although they deserve education, are not encouraged in this direction. This trend has to change.
  • Child labour should be totally banned. It is no more prevalent. Still some pitiful examples can still be seen in society.
  • Children should be raised in a healthy environment and not in abusive setups, the importance of which should be stressed upon.
  • Toddlers and young children should not be left at the mercy of the babysitters or play home unattended. Private tutors should not be relied upon eternally. Children should learn to develop the art of independent thinking.
  • Exploitation of children is rampant in current Indian society. Children should be taught to defend themselves from emotional, mental, and physical abuse.
  • Children should be encouraged to be multilingual as it will be of help to them in the future.
  • Children should be allowed to pursue the academic stream of their choice, and choose the subjects they have a flair for and not be forced to choose the mainstream subjects.
  • Understanding should be the key to the ideal student-teacher relationship. Children should not be beaten or shouted at. Just like positive parenting which involves a gentle and positive upbringing, teachers should be a part of positive tutoring at schools.
  • Values strengthen the personality and add a sense of peace and calmness to life. Children should be trained in this direction right from their infancy so that they live meaningful lives later on.
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