When Prince Charles Car Was Attacked...

Prince Charles
Prince Charles car was attacked by student protesters in London, when the His Highnesses were on their way to a theater for a charity performance.

The students who were protesting against the sudden hike in college fees by 9000 pounds. The rally was being held at London West End and as the Rolls Royce with Prince Charles and Camellia drove down the Argyll Street, a group of protesters stopped the car and stood surrounding it.

Prince Charles car was attacked by 20 protesters who crashed one of the window, splashed paints inside. Forced themselves to get inside the car and pounded the car. They kept shouting “Off with their heads". One of the protesters has revealed that the Royal couple were terrified. Soon, the protection officers swung into action and he car sped away to the destination.

After Prince Charles car was attacked, they reached the charity event in sometime and looked devastated by the incident. The protesters continued to smash store windows, burn down the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square and indulged into a fight with the police force. Protesters were soon caught by the police and put into jail.

Prince Charles car attack was one of the gravest incident till date and the violence among student about the hike in fees, is a major issue of concern. They are not ready to suppress until the fee amount are lessened.

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Story first published: Friday, December 10, 2010, 8:40 [IST]
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