Kate Middleton Embarrasses The Royal Family

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Kate Middleton
The lucky bride to be, Kate Middleton is happy to be getting married in the royal family to Prince William, but her parents do not seem to be taking this relationship seriously.

It is said that Kate Middleton's relatives is a disgrace to the Royal family because of the photos which is surfing the net about the messy drunk night out leaving Queen Elizabeth and her aides angry.

The photos of Kate Middleton's drunk family were taken last year in 2009 on April 15th, after the whole family celebrated her brother James's birthday at a club Raffles, which is a private members-only lounge for London"s ultra-wealthy jet-set crowd.

According to sources, it is said that Kate Middleton's brother, James, seemed to be already drunk on his way to the party by his foot paces. The media got excited to see this drama and could not stop clicking pictures of Prince William's bride to be along with her brother James.
Sources claim that,"After just a half an hour inside the club, he emerged for a smoke break. He was so out of it, he shocked bystanders by urinating through a railing into a historic, private garden. Katie was mortified and tried to keep people from taking his picture but he didn"t seem to care."

The Queen has even asked grandson William and Kate to go easy on their partying mentioning that the family youngsters should party in private to avoid embarrassment to the royal family.
Prince William and Kate Middleton are set to marry on April 29th, next year, at the Westminster Abbey in London.

Story first published: Monday, December 20, 2010, 11:10 [IST]
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