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5 Signs To Tell If A Dog Is Sick


Just like humans, dogs too can get sick. The change of weather, certain food habits, allergies and so forth can cause them to feel weary. These signs that a dog is sick will make you aware that a vet need to be called in for safety measures. Experts say, to tell if a dog is sick, the nose of your loyal friend gets dry. Just like this, there are other signs too!

Many first time pet owners become aware of their dogs' sickness only when it becomes serious. These signs to tell if a dog is sick will help you to treat your pet with required medications. It is also better for the owner not to take the risk and induce medications without the knowledge of the vet. If you are positively certain on how to know that a dog is sick, you can help out too on giving advice.


Here are 5 signs to tell if a dog is sick, take a look:


The first sign to tell if a dog is sick is the physical symptoms. Check his eyes to see if it is swollen and red, his nose should not be crusty and dry and figure out whether you get a nasty, unusual smell from your pet. These are the initial signs to tell if a dog is sick.


If you happen to see that your loyal friend is acting strange, then something is wrong. Strange behaviours such as coughing, continuous sneezing, loss of water intake and appetite can be a worry. If these signs are prominent in your pet, you need to call a vet. Another sign to tell if a dog is sick is when his legs feel feeble and weak.


The gums of your pet dog will show you how healthy he/she is. Take a peek at your dog's gums. The gums should not be yellow, blue, white or grey.

Healthy gums are always pink in colour.


Some dogs show first sign of illness through a shiver. Drooling and panting along with shivering are signs of pain. This is one of the ways to know that a dog is sick and needs treatment.

Urinary Problems

Uncontrollable urination and poop is a sign that your dog is sick. This is one of the symptoms to know that your pet might be suffering from bladder or urinary tract infection.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 3, 2014, 17:20 [IST]
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