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Types Of Sharks To Keep In Aquariums

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There is no better sight in the world than seeing a shark swim in the aquarium. This slender fish has an air of elegance that is a treat to watch. But not all types of sharks can fit into fish tanks. Do not forget that they are one of the world's most dangerous predators. These adult sharks are aggressive fish can tear a man into pieces.

But there are special varieties of sharks for the aquarium. These types of sharks do not grow as big as their marine cousins in the ocean. In fact most of the sharks kept in aquarium belongs to the fresh water variety. All fish lovers know that is very difficult to maintain a salt water aquarium on a regular basis.

Some people dismiss sharks as unsuitable for aquarium because of their predatory nature. Some also believe that sharks cannot co-exist with other fish in a tank. These are actually myths. Most aquarium sharks are not very aggressive fish. In fact, the smaller varieties of sharks are not known to attack their tank-mates at all. The only constraint with keeping sharks in an aquarium is their size.

Here are some examples of sharks that are fit to be kept in fish tanks. Red tail shark and catsharks are the popular varieties. Check out some others.


Red Tail Shark

This is the most popular variety of aquarium sharks. The shark is deep black in colour and has an orange-red tail. These sharks are docile and do very well with fish of their same size like gold fish.


Bala Shark

This shark has three shimmering colours; silver, white and black. Bala sharks only look like sharks but their species is different. It grows very big with time so think twice before you keep one.


Bamboo Shark

The bamboo shark does not grow too big and has quite a visual appeal with its striped body. But they are sluggish and lack the swift movement that is characteristc to sharks.


Rainbow Shark

The Rainbow shark resembles the red tail shark to a large extent. But it is much more aggressive than the prior fish. They need their space and if they don't get it, they attack other fish in the tank.


Coral Catshark

They are the inhabitants of coral reefs under the sea and you must have some corals or plants in your aquarium if you keep these sharks. They are small and peaceful fish but your tank needs to have hiding spaces.


Chinese Hi-Fin Banded Shark

These lovely sharks have raised fins but don't look very chiseled like other sharks. They can live only in cold water aquariums that have very good filtration.


Chain Catshark

If you want your aquarium to be a visual treat, choose the Chain Catshark. They have fluorescence in their skin and are very peaceful fish.

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Story first published: Friday, January 4, 2013, 16:25 [IST]
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