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5 Tips To Control Hair Shedding Of Your Dog!

Furry dog breeds are cute and the best pets for kids and women. Although these furry dogs look cute and attractive, the only problem with them is their hair loss. Not only furry dog breeds but many other types of dogs shed hair. If you have a pet you might find your sofa, bed, carpet and furniture covered with fur. It becomes a problem to clean the house every now and then. Moreover, if you are allergic to dog hair, the situation becomes worse. So, follow these tips to control hair shedding of your dogs and for keeping your house clean.

5 simple tips to control dog hair shedding:

Comb regularly: To reduce your dog's hair loss, comb the coat every day. Make it a point to detangle the hair follicles. Use a comb which is best for your dog's hair. Brushing the dog's hair regularly makes the hair stronger.

Use anti-static spray: During dry weathers, combs give a shock (hair strand stands whenever a comb comes close). This shock can increase hair loss for your dog. Apply anti-static spray on the comb before brushing to avoid standing hair strands. This doesn't pull the hair.

Take out: While brushing the coat of your furry dog, use your fingers to pull out broken hair follicles. This prevents the dog from shedding hair and also reduces the hair from spreading all around the house. So, next time when you sit to brush your dog's hair, do not leave the hair on the coat.

Use rubber grooming mitt: This tool removes loose hair from your pet's coat. So, take out the unwanted dog hair quickly by just using a rubber grooming mitt. Brush after combing the coat to take out remaining hair from the pet's body. Your dog will also love the rubber grooming because it will be a nice relaxing massage for him/her.

Use non-drying canine shampoo: These shampoos moisturise the skin and hair. This automatically controls your dog's hair shedding to a great extent. Dry and brittle coat increases hair loss. Therefore, wash your pet's hair with a non-drying or moisturising shampoo to reduce hair loss.

Try these tips to control your dog hair shedding. Do you have any other tip to reduce hair loss of dogs?

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 16:58 [IST]
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