Summer Pet Care Tips For Puppies!

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Pet Care Tips For Puppies
Puppies make the home cheerful and are loved by kids too! Summer heat can make us happy for the first few days as we get relief from the winter chills but, for puppies extra pet care is required during summer. To keep your pet healthy and active in the summer season, check out these pet care tips for puppies.

How to care for puppies in summer?

1. During summer, dehydration is not a common health problem among humans but also among pets. Provide water to your puppy at short intervals or keep a bowl of fresh water in front of your puppy every time.

2. For new born puppies, provide goat's milk instead of cow's milk. Cow's milk can be allergic to the newborn puppy. If you are using powdered milk, use distilled water to prevent the puppy from diarrhea.

3. Puppies also have a fur coat to protect their skin from sun but their skin requires sun protection. If your pet has a light skin and thin hair, it is best to keep them indoors during the day and protect them from sunburns.

4. Include chicken broth or yogurt in the puppy food to keep them hydrated and active.

5. Puppies with too much fur should be well groomed during summer. Furry dog breeds should be clipped well during this season as the thick coat makes them feel more hot. It also makes it a home for bacteria and parasites.

6. Few puppy breeds are prone to overheating. It is best to keep them in a cold room. For eg, pugs, bull dogs and pekingese should be kept in an air-conditioned room during summers.

7. To keep your puppy cool during summers, one of the pet care tips is to bathe your puppy everyday. Use baby shampoo to clean the fur.

8. If your puppy is lazy or vomits, has rapid heartbeat or high fever, consult your veterinarian as these are symptoms of heatstroke, a common summer health problem among pets.

These are few summer pet care tips for owners who have puppies. Puppies are sensitive and needs extra attention. Keep them in a clean and cool place during summer and don't forget to take them out in the evening. Exercise will keep the puppy active and healthy.

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Story first published: Monday, March 12, 2012, 15:01 [IST]
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