5 Unusual Pets To Keep

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There are many people who love to keep pets as they become one of their best companions. Dogs, cats and rabbits are some of the most popular pets. But, apart from them there are also some very unusual pets that you can keep at home. The term unusual pets here means the ones that very few people keep. They are as cute as any other pet and can be handy too. Here are some of the most unique pets that you would cherish.

Unusual Pets

Rats- Well, people usually try to get rid of all such animals from the house right? But, there are many people, especially kids who love to have a rat as their pet. And if you are keeping rat, then better keep a white one as they look cute. Though it is quite unusual to keep such pets, they are very easy to maintain and care for. They can simply thrive on the tit bits of food that you can provide.

Crabs- Yes, you can now keep crabs in the aquarium and not fishes. If you want to keep crabs then keep the hermit crab because as it seems from their names they are not at all harmful if not disturbed. They generally feed on small insects, worms etc. You will get it from an animal store.

Hedgehogs- They are very friendly and cute. Hence they are much liked in the list of unusual pet. They can play with you, and are very handy to deal with. And to add to the pleasure of keeping this pet they can even whistle sometimes. They are liked by kids a lot. This unusual pet feeds on small insects, but they also love to eat food high in fat or sugar content.

Frogs- Amazing green coloured frogs may be a irritation for some, but many people love to include it in their unusual pets list. Though they might not seem interesting when you look at them at the first instance they actually make very good pets. They are not at all harmful and hence are ideal for kids. But, it is better that you keep only one. Keep the frog in an oval fish bowl so that they do not jump out and run away.

Turtles and Tortoises- This is one of the most quiet and unusual pets to go for. They need a lot of space to stay. And the best part with them is that they have a long life span. You might create a small aquatic pool for them in the garden. But, you have to be very careful with this unique variety of pets as they are prone to a lot of infections and need periodic medical check-ups.

Keep them at your home and start to pet animals with a difference.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 11, 2012, 18:39 [IST]
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