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Want To Keep Two Dogs Together?

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Pet lovers just need an excuse to get a new dog at home. If you are planning to get a second dog to accompany you and your lovely pet, then do not need to worry much. You are taking the right decision. Caring for two dogs at the same time is not difficult. In the beginning, you might face problems in making your dog accept a new friend in the house. But, with gradual efforts, your dogs can become great friends. Though your responsibility will add on a little but the fact is, there are many benefits of keeping two dogs.

When two dogs stay together, they are more active, jovial and healthy. Two dogs when together eat properly and a company keeps them active all the time. That is why, keeping two dogs together is not at all harmful for both the pets and owner. But, caring for two dogs can be little tricky and hectic. Here is a great guide to help you welcome a second dog at home.

Keep Two Dogs Together
  • Get a second dog when your pet is already settled with the family members. So, before bringing his companion to the house, make sure the dog is friendly with other members of the family. This is a sign to know that the pet would welcome his companion as he is well versed with staying in a company.
  • To prevent intra-gender rivalry, it is ideal to get a dog of the opposite gender. This will make you easy to care for two dogs together. Rivalry will be less and affection would definitely be more.
  • Make sure the old dog is at least 1 year of age. Before introducing the new companion, the pet should get adequate time to mix with the family.
  • Get a new dog that is not above 6 months. If both the pets are of similar age, chances of getting friendly gets difficult. Make sure you do not leave both the pets alone in the house.
  • Insecurity is a common feeling that the old pet would face. So, do not shower all the love towards your new pet. As a pet lover, be very balanced while showing love.
  • Feed the two dogs separately. Although they stay in the same house, make them adjust with each other. Especially in the first few months (till the time both the pets get friendly), feed them in different bowls.

These are few ways to introduce and care for two dogs together under the same roof. Pet lovers can smartly divide their unconditional love for dogs.

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