4 Dogs Which Shed Less!

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Dogs Shed Less
Dog shedding is really frustrating. Your house gets filled with dog hairs be it sofa, carpet bed or rug mat. You get tired of picking those small dog hairs in your house. If you want to keep a dog which sheds less, check out these dog breeds which don't shed much.

4 dog breeds that shed less:

Affenpinscher: Commonly known as Affen, this furry dog breed is small with a shaggy type coat . The hair on face is more than the body and this dog should be groomed 2 times in a week. Affen needs firm training and loves to be surrounded by family attention.

Standard/medium poodle: This dog breed sheds less and if groomed regularly, the poodle can be a great dog for lazy pet owners. As the coat doesn't shed, the hair needs to be clipped. Comb the poodle hair regularly to prevent infections and shedding.

Chi-Poo: This is the mix breed of Chihuahua and poodle which looks almost like a chihuahua. The furry dog breed shed less or no hair. Chi-poo is great for lazy pet owners as they are easy to maintain. This is considered as a feminine dog so can work great for women.

Maltese: The small dog breed with furry soft hair doesn't shed. Regular grooming is required for caring maltese's hair coat. Be gentle while combing as the hair is too soft and can get damaged easily. Maltese hair can also be clipped to make grooming easy.

These are few dog breeds which shed less or no hair. The following dogs are ideal for lazy pet owners who want low maintenance petss or are allergic to dog hair.

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Story first published: Friday, March 9, 2012, 15:16 [IST]
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