Best Exercises For Your Dog

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A pet is like a kid to you. And who does not want their pet to stay in good health. There are certain pets like dogs who need exercises to stay fit and healthy. You need to do a few things to maintain their health. Dogs are the best friend of a man. They are much like us. Just good food is not enough to keep your pets in good health. Here are a few dog exercises that are apt for almost all dog breeds. Try them with your pets and see how keeping dogs in good health becomes very easy.

A Walk- This is an awesome dog exercise. If you are in the habit of going out for a walk in the morning or evening then take your dog out with you. Just walk down the streets or a ground with them. This is good both for you and the dog.

Dog Exercises

Fetch- Playing fetch is one of the best dog exercises for improving the health of your pets in a playful manner. Take a frying saucer or any other thing and throw it at a distance. Your dog will bring it back for you. Nothing can ever go wrong with a nice game of fetch. Even your dogs will enjoy it and at the same time get some exercise alongside.

Work For Treats- Make your dog work for treats and rewards. Hide them into some closets or a place where they can easily find it from. Every dog has its own favourite set of foods or toys. You may even hide them under the bed, table or behind the door. In the quest for their favourite treat they will get a lot of exercise. Keeping dogs healthy becomes very easy with these exercises.

Running- Running is a very good dog exercise. It keeps all their muscles and heart in good health. There are several ways by which you can do that. For you can get them over treadmills or make them run up and down the stairs. You can even take them out for jogging. This will help keeping your pets healthy.

Swimming- This is one of the best exercise to avail. Dogs are natural swimmers. Take them for swimming in a lake. And there are also some pools where the dogs are allowed to swim. It is also very good if your dog has arthritis. All their body muscles are toned and even their heart remains in good condition due to swimming.

Try all these dog exercises for the well being of your pet dog.

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