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Does Your Dog Have A Date For V Day?

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Dog on a date? Spare yourself the giggles. It is not at all an uncommon thing for pets to date each other these days. All those people who have pets know how much they love them and also know that a dog can feel love better than most other animals. Dogs respond to emotions of love and care and thus are very deserving of going on a date. As V Day is just round the corner and your dog is still not betrothed then you simply must find him or her a date.

Here are some ideas on how to get your dog a date for Valentine's.

Ways To Get Your Dog A Date For V Day:

1. Does Your Date Have A Dog? Well it might sound ridiculous and a bit mean but all is fair in love and war. If your dog is the first love of your life then you can scale mountains to get him or her a date. When you are choosing your date for Valentine's day, make sure he or she too has a cute canine to tag along.

2. Male Or Female? Things get a little more complicated when you get down to this whole idea to finding dates for pets. It is not enough for your date on Valentine's to have a dog but he or she should own a dog of the opposite sex so that it can be an ideal mate to your dog. Dogs are not too much into same sex dating even if you are so make sure you frame the question correctly.

3. Have Breed Groups: Often dogs of two different breeds do not get along magnificently even if they are of the opposite gender. That is why you should have a community of friends all of whom own the same breed. It is so much easier to find a suitable date within a Labrador community! We mean, for both you and your dog.

4. Internet Dating: If you surf the Net then you will find numerous dog dating websites advertising dating options for your canines. You can register on one of these and find a suitable match. “3 feet 2 inches tall brown Spaniel, male with auburn eyes seeks suitable partner".

5. Social Networking Sites: Social networking sites are virtual spaces for you to meet like minded people. So can't it be a place for your dog to find love. Talk to your friends on social networks, scan the list of people who have dogs and you may be able to make a match for a lifetime.

6. Catch A Stray: If all your attempts to get your beloved dog a date fail then you can consider this way to find companionship for your dog. Befriend a stray dog near your house and get him or her properly vaccinated. Desperate times desperate measures.

Use these pet care tips to find your dog a date.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 2, 2012, 17:41 [IST]
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