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Cat Friendly Dog Breeds!

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Cat Friendly Dogs Breeds!
Cats and dogs are enemies! Having these two pets together can be really risky. You might see the dog running behind your small cat. If you do not want to see the cat hidden under the sofa or couch, then you need to keep dog breeds which are comfortable with the cats. So, here are few breeds of cat friendly dogs that can be kept under the same roof.

Cat friendly dog breeds:

Maltese: The soft toy pet is friendly and cute. This pet is a fast learner with very little temperament problems. They search for companions; ideal cat friendly dog.

Pomeranian: The small furry dog needs little training to become friends with your cat. Poms are great companions that gels well with cats and other family members.

Chihuahua: Also known as Chihuahua, this small dog can be a good friend of your feline pets. This cat friendly breed can be peaceful if both are introduced to each other at a young age. If possible bring a cat home when you have a 1-2 year old chi, train the dog so that he/she doesn't chase your kitten.

Japanese Chin: These furry dogs are very calm and you can easily introduce this furry pet to your new kitten.
Shih Tzu: They are highly adaptable dog's breed. These small furry dogs are cute and go along well with cats. This furry dog breed can become arrogant or short-tempered, so training them is a must to build mutual understanding with the other pets.

Ideas to keep cat friendly dogs:

Prefer puppies & kittens: If you want to have dogs and cats together happy under one roof, introduce them when they are small. If either of the pet is bigger, the chase for the younger one will commence.

Keep them together: To make a dog cat friendly, keep them together and keep a watch on them as far as possible. Spend some time with them; play and feed them at the same time. This will build a lifelong friendship among the pets.

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Story first published: Friday, April 27, 2012, 16:49 [IST]
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