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5 Must Have Dog Accessories!

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Dog Accessories
Dogs are loving and many owners love to accessorise their dogs to make them look more cute. Dog accessories are fashionable and are even liked by few dogs. However, the accessories should be simple and comfortable. Too many accessories can irritate the dog and look clumsy too. Therefore, here are the basic dog accessories which are a must have!

Basic dog accessories:

Collars: This is an essential accessory for dogs. You can enjoy having a walk with your dog tied through a collar. Collars can be made of leather, metal, plastic, or even nylon. Always keep your dog's size in mind before buying a collar.

Kennels: You can buy fancy kennel for your dog and make the stay comfortable. When you are busy, you would love to see your dog sleeping in the luxurious kennel. Buy a kennel remembering the dog breed. Small dog breeds can stay in a small kennel but if your puppy grows big, save money by buying a big kennel before.

Bed: A soft and cozy bed for your dog will ensure a peaceful sleep. Many owners hate to keep their dog on the floor this is why they make the dog sleep on the same bed. Therefore, a dog's bed is one of the basic accessories for your dog.

Coat: These are fashionable and looks good on your dog. Remember Paris Hilton carrying her chihuahua in beautiful coloured coats? You can by a coat and protect your dog from the cold chills this winter. You can also have dog socks to add to the cute look!

Tools: Dogs want to be felt loved and the best way to make them feel special is by having few grooming tools only for them! For eg, a comb, designed pet grocery, toys like bones capture most of the time of your dog.

These are few basic dog accessories which are safe and good for your pet!

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Story first published: Thursday, January 5, 2012, 17:29 [IST]
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