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Care For Your Aging Dog's Health

Posted By: Gowri Nandini

Loose skin, hearing loss, impaired vision, inflammed gums, longer naps – all these are some of the symptoms that show that your beloved pet dog is aging. There is no specific 'old' age for every particular dog breed. However, you can determine your aging dog's health by checking for some symptoms.

Some of your aging dog's health symptoms are;

Muzzle: Look for signs of muzzle, a condition where the dog grays around its face.

Hearing: Check for these signs. Your dog does not respond to your calls. Your sudden entry startles him.

Slowing: He does not jump to his feet the way he is used to earlier. Takes extra time while coming down the stairs. Larger dogs are prone to arthritis. Check with your vet for medications.

Bluish eyes: There is a bluish tint around the dogs pupils. This is one of the common signs health deterioration of aging dogs. However, do not confuse with cataract, as cataract eyes have a whitish colour.

Muscle loss: There is a loss of muscles in the belly area or in the hind legs.

Dental: Excessive salivation, loose gums and teeth, smelly breath. These are some of the other dog aging symptoms.

Others: An aging dog may frequently urinate, or may have excessive thirst. He may loose significant weight, might have breathing problems and might develop lumps on his skin.

As you notice these symptoms, respond immediately. An aging dog's health need constant care. Go through these aging dog health care tips to reduce the trauma that your dog undergoes.

1.Take your dog to the vet. Half-yearly check-ups are recommended for your old dog, once you notice any signs of aging.

2.Improve the quality of food (low fats, high energy, easy to digest). Give it in smaller portions at shorter intervals.

3.Change his bed. Get a warm and cosier bed that will comfort his joints. Change his place to a silent area, this will comfort him more.

4.Keep plenty of water near his bed, so that he can quench his thirst.

5.Schedule his grooming sessions once a week to take care of the nails and paws. Take him for his regular walks. Probably you can cut down the distance, but do not miss the routine.

6.Inform the family, specially the kids about the old dogs care. Due to deterioration in his health he might tend to get aggressive. Therefore, do not startle him or chide him during this time.

Follow these pet care tips and always remember to be very gentle with him. Your aging dog's health can improve if you shower him with your love. Care of a veterinarian combined with your family's affection will lessen the hurdles of old age in older pets.

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Story first published: Friday, June 24, 2011, 17:50 [IST]
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