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Dog Obedience Training Is Important For Your Pet

Many a times you may ask yourself, 'Why does my pet dog dig?' or 'What is he looking for?' This might irritate you, especially when you have your beautiful garden ruined by your pet dog.

For those of who who are wondering why your pet dogs dig the soil, the reasons could be that they are attracted to the fresh smell of soil or the mud, he is bored and is looking for something to be occupied,he wants to store his bones or he just wants to have some fun by grabbing your attention.

In many houses, most of the dog owners don't like this habit that their pet dogs cultivate. So, they try in all their ability to find out various solutions on how to stop their pet dogs from digging the soil.

Here are some of the ways you can try to decrease this bad dog habit

1.You can take the first step by covering the area that he dug with his own faeces. This will discourage him from digging further.

2.When you decide to plant a sampling in your garden, make sure that your pet dog is not around. This will motivate his habit of digging as he will get tempted.

3.Some pets find this habit very creative as it is a form of exercise for them. Make sure that your pet dog, gets adequate exercise and play time. It will help them to be physically active and mentally stimulated.

4.Usually dogs are not water friendly. You can place water balloons in the hole that your pet dog dug so when he digs it again the balloon will burst in his face.

5.If you have a garden that gets destroyed most of the time with your dog's digging. Fence the garden to protect your vegetables and fruits.

6.If your pet dog is so stubborn to let go of his habit, you can hose him when he goes to the garden to dig. This will let him know that what he is doing is wrong.

Dog are very friendly animals. They are loyal and obedient. But, there will be few instances where your pet dog will not let go of their habit and digging of the soil is one habit that is natural.

So try out these steps to reduce your dog's habit and train him to be obedient. This in turn will help you to save your beautiful vegetable garden.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 17:30 [IST]
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