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Do Your Shoes Smell? 8 Tips To Stop Footwear From Smelling

Now that it's monsoon season, your feet are more likely to get wet often, causing your socks and shoes to retain moisture. The odour of foot sweat mixed with water is unbearable. It's even more embarrassing if you have to take them off in public. You're not alone; stinky feet and shoes happen to us all.

Here are some tips to stop shoes from smelling.

Tips To Stop Shoes From Smelling

1. Wash your shoes and insoles

You can keep your shoes and insoles fresh by washing and drying them. For shoes, it is best to hand wash them with cold water. If necessary, you can include a little disinfectant in the washing solution.

2. Store shoes in a cool, dry location

Cold temperatures inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. If you store your shoes in a cool, dry environment with proper air circulation, you may be able to prevent growth.

3. Dust shoes with odour-absorbing powder

Medicated foot powders often include talc to absorb moisture and scent and deodorant properties to mask odours. Medicated foot powder can help keep shoes dry and inhibit fungus growth when shoes are worn. Baking soda is another option.

4. Apply antiperspirant or deodorant to your feet

In most cases, moisture in your shoes results from sweat from your feet. When you prevent foot sweat, you keep your shoes dry and do not allow bacteria and fungi to grow. Make sure that you do not have an adverse reaction to the spray. Do a test on one toe or a small patch on one foot to see if there is any redness or rash after one day.

Using deodorant on your feet will not keep them dry. Still, it will inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi that produce unpleasant odours. Proceed with caution to determine whether it will cause adverse reactions, as with antiperspirants.

5. Wear sweat-wicking socks

Socks made from technical sweat-wicking material rather than cotton can help keep your feet and shoes dry. Specifically, these fibres move sweat away from the foot, allowing it to evaporate. Cotton retains more sweat, creating an ideal breeding ground for bacteria in your footwear.

6. Dry your shoes between wearing

Do not keep your gym shoes in your bag where they will remain damp longer and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Be sure to allow them to breathe between uses.

Remove the insoles and stuff the shoes with dry paper towels to speed up the drying process.

7. Wear socks with copper soles

If you wear less-breathable shoes, simply wiping away sweat may not be sufficient. You can prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi by wearing socks made with metal fibres, such as silver or copper.

8. Wear sole socks or washable insoles

Try washable insoles if you experience foot odour when wearing shoes without socks. They are made of cotton terry cloth and have a rubber latex sole. Replace your shoe's insole with this product or place it over it. As well as offering moisture absorption and padding, these grip well enough to remain in place. To maintain their freshness, wash them every three to six uses.

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