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Tricks That Will Help Keep Your Jeans Fresh

By Rima Chowdhury

Jeans has been the staple clothing item that is found in everyone's wardrobe. Dress up or not, jeans have been the ultimate thing you love to wear all day long.

Jeans help to add the oomph factor to your personality; but it is really uncool if your denims look bad, are smelly and full of wrinkles. Faded jeans are in fashion, but fading of colour from an unusual location can leave patches on the fabric and look outdated.

If you are a jean lover, here are a few perfect tricks you could try to keep your jeans to look fresh always.

1. Hand Wash Technique

You should hand wash your denims as much as possible because it will prevent the fabric from shrinking. Hand wash is the perfect method to wash your jeans, and it avoids creating stress on your garments. Jeans are not rough, like how it looks, and hence you should take proper care of them.

Take one bucket and fill it with water. Add 2-3 spoons of mild detergent in the bucket and soak your jeans in this. Now, give them a wash with your hands and rinse off after 60 minutes. This will keep your denims fresh.

2. Keep Them In The Freezer

You might have heard about storing jeans in the freezer. This allows to kill all the smell from the denim and also kills the free bacteria and radicals on it. Take your jeans and fold it properly. Now, keep it inside a plastic bag and seal it from all sides.

Keeping jeans under high temperature is also known as sterilizing the jeans, as it helps to kill the bacteria and keep it fresh all the day. It also helps to get rid of the bad odour that you generally get after wearing jeans without washing.

3. Check The Tag

Your jeans tag plays a vital role in maintenance. The tag mentions you the type of fabric that is used in your jeans and what is the kind of wash it requires. If it has Pre-washed/Pre-distressed, it means that the jeans has already been used and washed for once.

In such case, keep the jeans in cold water, so that it does not shrink further. If your jeans contain Raw, dry, or single-wash label, it simply means that the jeans are not washed yet and the dye is not set as well. You need to follow the guidelines that would be provided along with the jeans.

In case your jeans have Sanforized tag, it means that the jeans are designed in such a way that it prevents shrinkage.Most of the jeans come under Sanforized tag, where shrinking of the fabric is very less.

Unsanforized/Shrink-to-fit means that the jeans are a few inches longer than the mentioned size, which will get shrunk after you wash them. In such cases, soak your jeans in warm water and this will allow the jeans to shrink. Once it gets back to the correct size mentioned on it, you can use it on an everyday basis.

4. Dry Clean

You should always dry clean your jeans, as this is the best process to pull out the dirt, germs, stains from the fabric. The oil that is accumulated on the corners of the jeans gets easily pulled out by dry clean. A dry clean is an expensive option that can be done once in a month. This will allow to keep your jeans in a good condition and always look fresh.

5. Avoid Heat

One important thing to consider is you should avoid heat on the jeans, as it will affect the fabric. You should air-dry your jeans and avoid soaking them directly under the sun.

Air drying the jeans may take up two days, so you can plan your schedule accordingly. You can also use fabric softeners that will allow to soften the denims and keep them fresh for a longer period of time.

Story first published: Saturday, November 26, 2016, 12:30 [IST]
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