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How To Prepare Your Home For This Onam

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Onam, the festival of harvest, is one of the most colourful carnivals celebrated by Keralites across the globe. The ten-day-long festivity comes in the month of August-September (Chingam) and is considered as the commemoration of King Mahabali.

If you are thinking how to prepare your home for Onam this time, think no further and read on, as we've listed few tips for the same.

Nowadays, due to the emergence of a busy lifestyle, it has become rather difficult to celebrate Onam in its traditional form. But still, the Malayali community tries to celebrate it with the same pomp and pride.

Preparing your home for this Onam can be made easy with a few ideas. Your home should be ready for this joyous occasion from day one, which is called 'Attam' to the last day of Onam, Thiruonam, which is celebrated luxuriously.

It is considered very important to keep your home and premises clean. Preparing your home for this Onam is an experience of love and joy. So, take a look at this write-up on how to prepare your home for this Onam.

How to prepare your home for this Onam

Pookkalam Or The Flower Carpet (Rangoli):
One of the indispensable parts of preparing your home for this Onam is the Pookkalam or the flower carpet. This is prepared in front of the courtyard to welcome King Mahabali. The diametre of the Pookkalam is increased day by day and when it reaches the last day that is Thiruonam, Attapo should have 10 rows.

Swing Or Oonjal:
If you are thinking of how to prepare your home for this Onam, then don't forget to sling a swing or Oonjal at your home. Swings are an essential part of this festival. No matter what the age is, everyone in the family will always enjoy swinging. Trees are chosen to hang swings and the ropes are decorated with flowers as well.

A Perfect Kitchen:
Onam is the time when all the kitchens have to be kept working through all the days. Women prepare food together for Onasadhya. So, clean and arrange all the items beforehand, so that it will be easy to grab things during Onasadhya preparations.

How to prepare your home for this Onam

Puja Arrangements:
Onam is celebrated in all its serenity and devotion. There are rituals that are performed by all the family members. So, make sure that you prepare your puja room with all the essential requirements.

Clean The Premises:
As you all know, Onam is a celebration for welcoming King Mahabali back home. To welcome him and to enjoy the togetherness of a happy family and home, you need to clean the premises of the house. Usually, during Onam, many games like Panthu kali, Uriyadi and Tug of War are played by family members. Thiruvathira or Kaikottikali, a dance form is also performed by all the women in the house. It is all done in the courtyard of the houses.

Decorate Your Living Room:
Traditional things can be used to decorate your living room to get a feel of festivity. The entire house can be arranged with items that are antiques, along with using flowers. Floating flowers in a pan of water is the best decoration that you could try to keep your room lively.

Now that you are clear on how to prepare your home for this Onam, make the best of arrangements for your family to enjoy. Happy Onam to all of you...

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