How To Get Rid Of Woodworms?

By: Ajanta Sen
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The woodworm actually is not a worm; in fact, it is a beetle that penetrates and eats wood at the same time in its larval phase.

Woodworm can damage your expensive furniture as well as other wooden items. There are numerous species of woodworms and they all have the capacity to destroy your home.

Woodworms particularly cause harm to various kinds of soft woods; however, they can also damage items made of many types of hard woods.

In order to reduce the chances of infestation, it is recommended to treat the wood products beforehand.

If you see any sign of a woodworm in your home, you must take immediate action to control it.

Although calling professionals can be the best way to get rid of the woodworm, they are quite expensive.

Following are some of the steps that can help you understand how to get rid of the woodworms in your home:

Best way to get rid of woodworm

Recognise The Existence Of A Woodworm
The first step of how to get rid of a woodworm is to spot the presence of woodworms. You can easily do it by scanning the wood’s surface.

A woodworm can be identified by a sequence of small holes, which are called flight holes on the wood’s surface. These holes will look like a sequence of small pinpricks.

Only a small portion might be affected by this condition, so make certain to inspect the whole surface of the wood.

Best way to get rid of woodworm

Find Out The Degree Of Damage
In majority of the cases, you can find the woodworm all along the upper layer of the wood, leaving the middle and the adjoining layers untouched.

In such a case, the wooden piece would still be comparatively robust and able to be recovered. If the wood starts to fall into pieces, then it means that the woodworm has ruined the wood badly and it would be impossible to save the item.

Best way to get rid of woodworm

Dressing For The Event
There are many liquid solutions in the market that are quite useful and are the best ways to get rid of a woodworm.

All these solutions include strong chemicals that can give off fumes that can cause diseases or can have adverse effects when they are inhaled.

Hence, before using the solution for treating woodworm, make sure to wear a face mask, gloves and safety goggles. This will help to reduce the exposure to your eyes and skin, and will also avert inhaling of the gases that are emitted at the time of the treatment.

Best way to get rid of woodworm

Prepare The Solution For Woodworm Treatment
The majority of products that are used for treating woodworms are in a concentrated form. Thus, it is very essential to add some water to the solution in order to dilute it.

Read the instructions written on the product very carefully, to find out whether the solution can be used directly as it is, or you need to add water in as per the given ratio to the solution.

Transfer The Prepared Solution Into A Pump Sprayer

To use a plain pump sprayer would be the best way to get rid of woodworms.

After transferring the treatment solution into the sprayer, close it tightly to avoid spilling of the solution.

Apply Coating To The Surface Of The Spoiled Wood

In order to kill any remaining infestation, apply a coating on the wood’s surface. It will also help to avoid any extra damage to the surface.

Let the coating dry prior to moving the wooden item. This will let the treatment solution to infuse with the wooden surface and aid in accelerating the process of how to get rid of a woodworm.

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Story first published: Friday, February 19, 2016, 19:00 [IST]
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