Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Termites

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Wood furniture as we all know is extremely expensive and very hard to maintain. It is often damaged by termites and wood eating insects. Not only are these insects an eyesore, but the
damage they inflict could be far from getting it repaired. Getting the termites or wood eating insects killed through professionals is an easy job. However, the chemical inflicted through the sprays could be equally harmful. Hence, in order to control wood eating insects in your home before your furniture can suffer extensive damage. You need to look into an alternative method to keep your natural surroundings clean and your wood furniture safe.

In order to get rid of the termites, the best alternative could be some of the home remedies to kill insects that infect your wooden furniture and damage them in a long run. It is advisable to look into the matter in its initial stages because, these insects have the ability to destroy your home. Imbibing some of the few remedies will surely keep your wooden furniture strong and healthy.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Termites

Here are some simple home remedy tips to get rid of wood eating insects:

Soak few cotton balls with sodium chloride, an organic compound and a cleaning agent. Fill the soaked cotton balls in a plastic cover and
place at the beneath of your sofa or table, or in any termite infested area. This method not only kills the insects but also stops the recurring of the insects.

Maintaining wood furniture is very much necessary. Frequent polishing of wooden furniture is also necessary, so that
we can keep insects and termites away. But ensure that you use good quality paint.

Aloe vera gel is also said to kill the insects. To use aloe you simply crush the entire plant and then soak in enough water to cover the plant.
After several hours you can use this water to spray on the insects.

Petroleum jelly is really good for wood furniture that has dried out. Rub and leave it overnight or longer and then buff it with a soft

Prepare your own wood furniture polish. This is a simple procedure. Combine one fourth cup of white vinegar and one cup of olive oil in a
container. Shake well and rub the polish on the furniture with a soft cloth.

A good home remedy is a solution of boric acid powder, applying this on the infected area will help eradicate them. Mixing boric acid powder
with water and then spraying with a hand sprayer or applying with a paint brush to all accessible wood surfaces of the home. This will help in getting rid of termites.

These are few simple tips to get rid of termites.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 13, 2013, 18:45 [IST]
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