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How To Arrange Utensils In A Small Kitchen

By: Debdatta Mazumder

You always complain for having a small kitchen. But, if you consult any interior decorator, he/she would give you interesting ideas to organise your kitchen and make it look spacious.

You always need utensils handy. So, you can't place those elsewhere. With clever tips to arrange utensils in small kitchen, you can have a modern-style kitchen, just like that.

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Now, if you are moving into a new rented house or are staying in a PG, you can't alter the kitchen space much. Also, you don't need to stuff it with lots of materials.

Try to fit in only those you really need on a regular basis. Remember, you must organise your kitchen in a way that it looks spacious.

Another important thing to keep your kitchen neat and clean is to have less utensils, which will make it easier for you to arrange the utensils.

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So, instead of getting irritated with your kitchen space, if you follow some tips to arrange utensils in small kitchen, you can have a small but beautiful kitchen.

Cooking will be a pleasant experience if you have a well-organised kitchen. So, have a look at some of the ways in which you can arrange the kitchen utensils in a small kitchen, read on.

ow to Arrange Utensils in Small Kitchen

1. Hang It On The Wall: When you keep any utensils on the counter or on the floor, these can cover up the spaces. Why not affix hanging rod on the wall? You can hang several utensils there with the help of an "S hook". Thus, those won't take much place and you can reach them easily.

ow to Arrange Utensils in Small Kitchen

2. Knife Blocks: If you have drawers in your kitchen, keep one block only for knives and spoons. Take them out only when required. Otherwise, just push the drawer into its original place and there is no wastage of space. This is definitely one of the best tips to arrange utensils in a small kitchen.

ow to Arrange Utensils in Small Kitchen

3. Use Wooden Pegs: If you want to know how to arrange utensils in small kitchen, this trick will help you. If you keep your kitchen drawers messed up, you won't make space for all the utensils. Use wooden pegs to divide sections in your drawer and keep specific utensils in each section. Simple, right?

ow to Arrange Utensils in Small Kitchen

4. Inset Utensil Storage: If you want to keep regular utensils handy, this is the best tip you can try. The inset utensil storage on the kitchen counter top can hold several utensils together and doesn't waste any additional space than required either.

ow to Arrange Utensils in Small Kitchen

5. Sliding Trays: One of the most convenient ways to organise utensils in your kitchen is by following this trick. You can mount the shelving unit on the wall and take out the trays to get the important utensils. This also helps in keeping spices and lesser important ones out of the way, but in an organised manner.

6. Keep Similar Objects Together: How to arrange utensils in small kitchen? Always keep the same utensils together. If you keep large plates with small plates, it will look awful and also it will be difficult to make space. Always maintain a sequence and your kitchen will look good for sure.

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Story first published: Friday, July 1, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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