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How To Stay Warm In Bed

We often search for tricks as to how we can stay warm during winter nights. Jumping on a cold bed is not pleasing always. We bring you few unique tricks, with which you can stay warm in bed.

As the temperature steeps down, it is very important that you stay warm in your bed. This helps to keep your body temperature under control. To avoid this, you must follow few easy DIY tricks that you have to try.

Winter time takes a toll on our health with wheezing, cold, viral fever and many more diseases doing their rounds. So, taking care of yourself during this weather is really important.

Make sure you start your care take by keeping yourself warm. Sleeping warm also plays a vital role in staying healthy. Though staying warm is not rocket science, these tricks can be used to stay warm.

So, here we bring you some of the DIY tricks on how to stay warm in bed during winter. Read on and imply these tricks on a cosy night.

Put A Hot Water Bottle In Bed

Before you sleep, you can keep few water bottles filled with warm water on your bed and cover it with a blanket. Take them off before you sleep. You can enjoy a warm bed just before sleeping! This is one of the easiest ways to stay warm in bed.

Try Bed Socks

This can be used to keep your feet warm from the freezing cold. They are generally warm, furry and thicker. Studies reveal that keeping your feet warm does give you a sound sleep. So, put them on when you feel cold.

Fleece Blankets

Use fleece blankets during cold seasons, as it helps to keep you warm. They are soft so can be managed easily. For better results, put them under the duvet. This is another way to stay warm during a winter season.

Have A Shower

This sounds impossible to do during the cold season! But, make sure the water is hot before you step into the shower. Having a hot shower helps to improve blood circulation. This makes you feel less cold.

Thermal Layer

If you are feeling extremely cold then wear a thermal leggings, or a vest, under your regular pyjamas. This keeps you really warm. It instantly doubles the warmth. This is one of the ways you can follow to stay warm in bed.

If you have any suggestions then feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Friday, December 11, 2015, 16:32 [IST]
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