Easy Steps To Make A Dreamcatcher At Home

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Gone are the days when wind chimes marked a beautiful presence in our homes. Today, a lot of people are opting for dream catchers to complete the decor of their humble abode.

No doubt there are a lot of places where you can purchase a fancy looking dream catcher, but according to myth this piece of art when made at home provides luck and above all better sleep for the members of the family.

Easy Steps To Make A Dreamcatcher At Home

For those who are unaware of what dream catchers are, it is an accessory which is considered to be sacred by the Native Americans. Dream catchers are very easy to make at home, since the main requirements are feathers and beads which symbolizes strength and unity.

This dream catcher is usually placed placed right above or near a person's bed to sift dreams. As the name goes, the popular belief is that it can catches hold of a person's dreams and changes it.

In simple words, it is said that the positive dreams are passed through the dream catcher, slips through its outer holes and slide down the feathers while the negative ones get trapped and thereby disappear in the web located at the top of it.

Every dream catcher has a sun, moon and a month along with other accessories attached to it. Here are some of the best steps to make a dream catcher at home, take a look:

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You will need - a hula or a ring of any size, coloured thread, paper clips, glue, a pair of scissors and wool, feathers and beads too.

STEP 1 - Roll the coloured thread around the ring in a continuous manner. Cover the entire ring with the thread and leave no part uncovered.

STEP 2 - When done, begin to make a web like design inside the ring or the hoop. Place beads through the wool in a patterns so that it looks beautiful and unique.

STEP3 - When the entire web is done, make a long string with the wool and attach a line of beads to it. Attach it to the middle of the dream-catcher and allow it to hang perfectly from the center.

STEP4 - Add feathers and beads to the wind chime so that it gives you a pleasing noise when moved with the help of wind. It will also look beautiful and delicate.

STEP 5 - Add a piece of wool at the other end of the dreamcatcher, so that it can be hung at the side of your bed.

These are some of the simple ways to make a dreamcatcher at home. You can make this fine piece of mythical accessory with any size.

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Story first published: Monday, September 7, 2015, 23:04 [IST]
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