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Tips To Keep Spiders Out Of Your House


If your house has too many spiders, well, living would become literally impossible, wouldn't it? Nobody likes spiders, do they! And if you thought they are only disgusting, well, they sure are way more than that. There are many venomous species that can break you by inflicting excruciating pain with a single bite. In this article we look at a few ways to naturally keep spiders out of your home. These ways to keep spiders out of your aren't very hard to adopt. Read on...

Tips to keep spiders out of your home



Did you know for a fact that spiders hate peppermint? Fill a spray can with peppermint and water and spray it around. Besides smelling great, you can get rid of spiders as well.


Cats are highly effective pets to have if you are faced with a spider problem in your home. They will not allow spiders inside the house as long as they can spot them. Moreover, if you love cats, done deal!


Spiders hate all them citrus fruits. If some areas in your home are frequented by spiders, you can use peels of citrus fruits by rubbing lemon or orange peels on the areas. Spiders will not dare come anywhere close to the citrus aura.


Just like they hate peppermint and citrus fruits, spiders hate tobacco as well. You can remove some tobacco from your cigarette and sprinkle it near areas frequented by spiders in your home. In fact, sprinkled tobacco is more effective in keeping spiders away than was previously thought.


Spiders hate chestnuts as well. Place a few chestnuts near windowsills. They are very impressive in keeping spiders from entering your home. Even when the fruit is gone bad, they can be placed.In fact, they are more effective when they've gone bad.

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