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6 Ways To Look After Your Books


For those of you who love to read, here are some of the best ways to look after your prized possession - the books! Looking after books can be a great task especially if you have a trunk full of them.

Old books, which are everyone's favourite, attract bugs such as silverfish whose staple food is soft paper. To care of your stack of old books, replace their order from time to time and give a fair share of sunlight as well.


Looking after books can at times be difficult if you have no proper storage area. Books need place to breathe. With time, the paper in the book tends to become sticky and wet due to the moisture present in the room or when there is no space between books. This causes the writing to slowly fade away and the pages will soon begin to tear. Here are some ways to look after books. They are quite simple to follow.

Take a look at these six ways to look after your favourite old books:

Importance To Covers

Looking after books begins with their covers. If you wrap those old books in acid-free or UV-resistant plastic covers, it will help to keep them for a longer period of time.

Use A Brush To Dust

The best way to look after your favourite collection of books is to remove the dust settled on it every six months. Remove the dust from the spine outward to avoid the dirt from settling in the pocket behind the spine. Tip: Use an old makeup brush to remove the thick dust on old books and a softer one for the pages.

Provide Air Between Books

It is important to not pack your old books too tightly on the shelves. If so, it will soon start to crack or get scratched when you try to pull out one to read. The best way to look after books is to provide a certain amount of space in between them so that it prevents formation of moisture.

Storage Rooms Are Important

Where you store your books is important. When there is too much of sunlight present in the room and directed to your collection, it will make the pages stiff. It will also fade the lettering on the cover of the book.

Those Mildew Books

If your books are mildew, be gentle while removing the dew. Rub the dew with a dry cloth and when done, store the old books in a sunlight zone for about 45 minutes. By looking after books in this fashion, your classics will be with you forever.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 25, 2014, 21:33 [IST]
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