How To Reduce Food Waste?

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Almost all the household face the problem of increasing food waste. You cook but on certain days it so happens that there is a lot of leftover food. So, what to do with the leftovers? To throw the food away is one of the worst options to avail. And moreover there is a lot of food scarcity in the world. The food you throw away may be used to feed the poor. Here are a few effective ways by which you can manage the food waste instead of throwing it away.

Food Waste

Plan The Week- You can stop food waste from the very initial stage by a good planning while you shop for vegetables. Try to make out what vegetables you will prepare the whole week and buy them accordingly. This way you will not cook anything that might go wasted and will end up in managing the waste properly. And you will not have to bear the smell of rotten food.

Refrigeration- Do not throw the leftover food and instead store it in the refrigerator. Store the different dishes in separate bowls and refrigerate them so that they do not get spoilt. You can eat it the next day and reduce one dish from the list. And also remember to keep the refrigerator clean.

Serve- Most people take more food than they can eat. You might cite this as a hunger of the eyes and not the stomach. So, serve in small quantities first and then give more when it is asked. This way you can manage the food waste properly.

Leftover Menus- Make a menu list of foods with just the leftover foods. This way there will be no need to waste them. You can easily make some dishes like the fried rice or mixed vegetables with the food waste of the previous day. This can be considered to be one of the most effective ways of waste control at your house.

Feed The Plants- The food waste of the precious day can act like a good fodder to plants. This will act like a manure and will give them the necessary nutrition. So, think twice before throwing out the food. Instead dump them in the plant pots and let them grow with better nutrition.

Animals- There are some food waste like the bones of meat and fish that you can use to feed your pet dog or cat. This way the are certain food items that your pets would like to have from your dish. Feed it to them and thus prevent the food from being wasted.

Put these ways into practice and save food instead of throwing them away. This way you can make your kitchen green and lead a better life.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 18, 2012, 18:32 [IST]
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